Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surgery went well.

We all got up at 3:30 am this morning and hit the road around 4am to Billings. The hospital there is really amazing and the people were great. They have this huge atrium at the admitting desk. Emmett just loved the trout display! They took us right back and got things rolling. His gown was pretty cute- koalas in space- and just his size. They gave him crayons, a coloring book, sunglasses and a bunch of stickers to occupy his time. LOVES the stickers we discovered. Emmett has taken quite a few doses of antibiotics and takes them like a champ. When they brought in the "woozy" meds, he was thrown for a loop that they went up his nose! He had his mouth open and everything. He quickly became "drunk" and a happy one at that. He waved and hollered at every nurse, doctor and patient that came by. Most were courteous and waved back. The doc and the scrub techs then came and took him back for sedation and sent us to the waiting room. 25 mins later Dr. Price came in and rushed us down to meet Emmett in recovery. I guess he woke up pretty quick but in a panic. He was screaming and wailing when we got to him. Probably the hardest part of our day. He didn't know where he was and seemed just terrified. Once he calmed down, he fell asleep in my arms for a bit and recovered. I guess his right ear is really infected(the one from last week...still!) and he is on antibiotic ear drops that burn when we put them in(horrible) and another round of oral antibiotics. All in all, everything went really well today and we are on our way to healthy ears!