Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

So we had a really nice time on Halloween. The city of Cody holds a Trick or Treat Street event that starts early(3:30pm) and they close the downtown streets for the kids to walk store to store and "trick or treat". Not too many kids go door to door in the neighborhoods since the city offers to hold it all in one spot. It's safe, no cars and it's daylight. Not quite the experience I remember, but.....

We started at Luke's office. The ladies there wanted to see Emmett and they had candy ready for him. It was a good indicator of what to expect when we got downtown. He immediately put the candy, wrapper and all, in his mouth. By the time we left the office, he was putting the candy in his bag successfully. We did however give him a sucker for the car ride. He was so sticky and would not give the sucker up. You will notice that he has it in a deathgrip in some of the photos. He had such a great time seeing friends, all of the costumes and the store windows that were all decorated. Emmett was asleep when we got home at 5pm or so. We decided to let him take a catnap before the costume came off and dinner was ready.

Then on Saturday, we headed up to Billings with Courtney and her girls to visit the Zoo. We thought it was still nice enough weather to enjoy and probably won't be around much longer. The zoo is nice for the area. It was set up nicely and got to see the animals up close. There are not too many to look at, but it was a good time just the same. Then we decided to run an errand at Target and get some lunch. There was a Chuck e Cheese next to the Target and that's where we went. The kids loved it. Emmett cried when I tried to feed him lunch, cause he wanted to be on the toys. and cause he was exhausted. We hurried thru lunch and headed for home.

The time change has been a little rough for Emmett. Waking up at 5:30am, wanting to eat really early and not wanting to go to bed early. Hopefully he starts to adjust or we'll all go crazy!