Monday, November 10, 2008

Something good in everything

With all bad things, there must be good. I got to visit with my family while back in Denver for a few days. It was good to see my brother Ken. He looks good and witty as always! Chrissy, too. We got to have a "few" glasses of wine on Friday night. Luke got to stay in Denver with Dayven and their friends for a beer after the service. He and Tim came back to my parent's house for a few toddy's as well. We had a good time playing cards(mom played too!) and catching up on old stories, at least that's what I can remember. Tim was attacked by Emmett's Christmas present and the game of airplane was played a few times. You know, airplane, where you lift someone up with your feet and try not to drop them. Pretty humorous pictures. Emmett loves to play this with Aunt Chrissy. He, fortunately, was already in bed by the time the adults tried to play.

Kate Williams gave Emmett a suit at his baby shower and he wore it to the service on Friday. He sure looks good in a suit. I wish my picture came out better of our family.