Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elmo Makes Music

Emmett sure had a great time at Elmo Makes Music. I had a great time watching Emmett! I have never seen him so fascinated and joyful! He danced his heart out and then danced and sang and clapped some more. Courtney and I decided to get tickets for the show a few weeks ago and I am sure glad we did. Darby knew most of the characters and was in pure heaven. Calling out their names and waving. Emmett followed her lead and waved at all the furry people. Darby, Cooper and Emmett were so well behaved and it even lasted thru lunch. I have not gotten to actually eat my lunch at a restaurant in quite some time(we're definitely at that stage).

Emmett has recently found a stash of Daddy's cereal. "They're magically delicious!" is what I think Emmett is saying as he picks thru the cereal puffs to pick out the colorful marshmallows. He has also found pleasure in taking out all of the toys from the crock and putting himself back in. Must be a fun game.....cause the crock is almost always empty!