Thursday, July 30, 2009

One week has gone so fast

We went to Jolene's one week-ish doctor appointment. She has already put on the weight lost at the hospital, plus a few ounces! She is definitely getting her fill of milk. Jolene is in the 25% of head, length and weight. She's doing just fine. I can't get enough pictures of her either. I wish I would've had the camera this morning when Emmett asked to hold her. It is the cutest thing and he always has something funny to say. In the car, Emmett looks over and talks to her in her carseat. He says stuff like "hold on baby Joey!" and "almost home, baby Joey". Such a good big brother.

While Joey slept the other day, Mom, Emmett and I played in his room and watched as a huge thunderstorm went by. I had to take pictures of all of the stuffed animals that were in attendance and watching with us. Emmett loaded up Grammy's lap and made room for himself too. He also took a few pictures of Grammy with her new friends. It was a hoot. Emmett finished up his lessons for the summer. Swimming ended today and tumbling ended yesterday. We were late to tumbling and I missed the beginning where they do stretching exercises-too cute and I wanted to videotape for all to see- Oh well. I should get used to being late to things for the next few weeks till I have this two kid-thing down. I did however tape Emmett attempting somersaults. It's the least I could do.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pretty girl

It's already been a week and Jolene is growing way to fast! She is still too small to fit into her newborn outfits, much less all of her other cute clothes in her closet, but is growing before our eyes. She slept exceptionally well last night, a process that has being getting better as the week progressed(I have probably jinxed myself by saying that!). Emmett is wonderful with her and loves when Joey wraps her little fingers around his. Luke had a bit of a morning with her today. At one point, I think I heard him mutter "sugar and spice, my a##!". I had brought her to our room for "breakfast" and decide to change her diaper on the bed. Well, she peed -alot- as I was getting her new diaper ready and had already removed the dirty. Strike one. Then she burped on daddy's shirt and spit up -alot. Strike two. The final strike came when she nearly blew out her diaper. That's when I heard the under the breath comments! One smile from her and I think all was forgiven!

Emmett got a chance to run around in his big boy underwear the other night. He loves to wear them, but doesn't want to use the big boy potty. We have been bribing with toys and getting to wear the underwear, but he is just not ready. No sense pushing the issue...but the underwear are just too darn cute and I can't wait til he's no longer "peeing" away diapers. $$$$$.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She's awake!

This is the most precious video ever.

Baby sister is here!

Emmett couldn't be more proud of his new baby sister. He has been really great with far. We've only been home less than 24 hours so we'll see how long that lasts.

Jolene Claire, "Joey", joined us on July 20th, at 8:10am. She weighed in at 6lbs. 12oz and was 20 inches long. Perfectly healthy and beautiful as can be. I'm sure I am biased but she really is precious. Jolene made her entrance by biting the doctor on the finger and leaving a nice brown package on her way out. The doctors had to clean me out and then put everything back in- here's hoping they didn't miss anything! Needless to say, I am a bit sore and swollen, but doing really great. Grammy has been here to help out and has been a godsend. Things really haven't changed a whole lot for Emmett. He has continued with his swim lessons and tumbling classes, plays outdoors ALL day long and still says things like "NO" and "MINE". He has also picked up "holy cow!"....not sure where that one came from, but it's pretty cute. Emmett loves on his baby sister and is learning to be gentle. Grammy and Emmett brought me flowers to the hospital(who knew it was ridiculously hard to get pink roses in Cody?!). They are very pretty and were enjoyed by myself and all of my nurses for the two and a half days of my stay. Last night, our first night home, we got to enjoy a nice dinner and a delicious ice cream cake. Luke took Emmett to DQ for being such a good big brother and he got to pick out a treat- a red star kiss. He was so proud of himself and boy was he stained red! (Lucky for the rest of us, we got to enjoy cake!)

She is already the apple of daddy's eye and has him wrapped at least twice around her tiny pinkie finger. Jolene was one of the few girls born in Cody these days. I guess in the past two months she is one of about 9 girls compared to the 40-something boys(Prom should be like shooting fish in a barrel!) Wrapped up in the cutest pink blanket, she curls up on Luke's chest and practically melts your heart at the sight. Enjoy these early pictures.....many more to come.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby shower

A few of my girlfriends threw me a baby shower on Saturday. It was such a good time to be able to sit and relax while snacking, drinking and chatting, not running after the kids at the park or yelling at them to behave at Burger King. It was held at Amy's home and themed it with butterflies and "Sugar and Spice", it was very cute. The girls got Jolene some very cute things and essentials needed for her arrival(as well as a bottle of wine for moi !! ). Now, we just play the waiting game....getting very excited to meet her!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Luke celebrated his 31st birthday today. Emmett and I let him sleep in a bit this morning and then went in to wish him a Happy Birthday! Think back maybe 5 years or so and boy times were different. I'm positive that Luke remembers a time when we did not have a screaming two year old jumping on the bed with his cars and a mini pooh bear, yelling "It's momma's birthday!" and "Happy Birthday America!".(He eventually got it right.) Welcome to life in your thirties with another kiddo on the way.
Luke did some work outside early this morning before it got too hot. We are experimenting with a patch of grass in the front yard. Just wanting to see how well it will grow before deciding if we lay down sod instead. Then he got to relax, poolside, with a nice cold beer while we laughed at our Wyoming life. Nothing like an inflatable pool inside the garage cause you don't have any grass to speak of, sittin' in lawn chairs, watching your naked son prance in and out of a mini bathtub that you filled with home depot buckets. Actually, life is pretty good.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

We had a relaxing 4th of July, which consisted of nice weather, good company, great food, and awesome bull riding! Mom and Chrissy arrived late on Thursday evening. Emmett got a surprise when I opened his door at 6 a.m. and was greeted by Holly, mom's dog. "Hi Howwy! Where's Gwammy?!" I held Emmett off for about 15 mins before he ran to the basement to see who was here. I guess he sneezed outside Mom's door and that's how she knew she was being spied on. Nothing like an early wake up call from the cutest boy on earth!

Friday was really great for me since Luke watched Emmett while Mom and Chrissy and I went to a movie, The Proposal, and dinner at Shiki. It's been awhile since I have been out with the two of them. The movie was good(Betty White is hysterical!) and of course the Japanese food was incredible. We came home to Luke just putting Emmett to bed and we all enjoyed the front porch for a bit before heading off to bed.
Saturday morning was a gorgeous, sun shiny day. We have been practicing "Happy Birthday America" for days and on the 4th he would not have any of it. I thought it would be really cute at the parade to wave a flag and shout Happy B-day America! The parade was nice, as always, a bit too long. The attraction this year was the ski lift denoting the opening of the Sleeping Giant ski area this winter! Cheap tickets and close skiing, but not very difficult runs. Should be a great place to teach Emmett to ski, and for me to brush up since it's been awhile! After the parade, we went over to Becky and Frank's home to celebrate with friends. They had a pool for their grandson and had told us to bring Emmett's suit. Once Emmett finally got in, we couldn't get him out! He was in the pool the entire time, minus the quick popsicle break. We made it home for a great nap time for all and then made a nice dinner, followed by a few at home fireworks. Emmett hated the fireworks, so most had to wait til he was sleeping. The fireworks sure were not a grand as they were last year. Not sure if the economy has anything to do with it....

Sunday was a bit warm so we let Emmett play in buckets of water with his squirt guns. We all enjoyed a bit of cold water every now and again. We went to the Extreme Bulls again this year. They were really awesome and Emmett was glued to the action. Seems to be the event we won't miss this time of year. (I believe the event is being televised on ESPN2 on July 19th, if you're interested.) Mom, Chrissy and Holly hit the road Monday morning to head back to Colorado. Mom is soon to return and Chrissy will be back to visit in early August. We've hit the 2 week
Pictures: mini pack mules, Mom Chrissy and Emmett at parade, Wilford Bromely-Grand Marshall, with famous artist Harry Jackson-local, ski lift float, daddy and Emmett at parade, Emmett in zebra pool at Becky's, Extreme Bulls-notice Luke's company sign at the back of the shute.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Kiddie Parade

This morning, we sat on the curb of the main street in Downtown Cody with a few other moms and their kids to watch the kiddie parade. Lots of horses, a few llamas, a funny RC mini ambulance, decorated dogs, floats and wagons, and kids throwing candy into the streets. A 2 year olds paradise! Luke came and met up with us to view the slow moving, hour long procession. Better than being at work I guess. Afterwards, we went to the pizza place with terrible pizza and plenty of toys for the kids to play on. Small town chuck.E.cheese hell. Emmett was a very well behaved child today, since we had to immediately leave the park yesterday because of his tantrums. Strange, but I think he learned a lesson from it all. When he started to show off his bratty, non-sharing side, I reminded him of how we had to go home from the park the other day and he shaped up quickly.