Monday, August 31, 2009

For the Birds

Doesn't everyone feel like this somedays?!

I had a day like that last week. Joey crying non stop, Emmett trying to "help"- do you have a mental picture? Luke came home from work to rescue me and we made some funny jokes about arsenic in our dinner and hiding all rope from mommy! Needless to say, Luke let me head to Billings by myself on Saturday, instead of a family trip. A well needed day alone. Then on Sunday night, we had four couples over to draft our players for our fantasty football league, Keeping the Wives Happy. Luke's team is No Pants on Sunday and I am the Pinot Grigio Gringos. Pretty fitting all around, huh?(as I type one handed with a glass of wine in the other) We almost had as many kids as adults. We would have been outnumbered if a few kids hadn't stayed home with grandparents. We are looking forward to lots of fun get togethers to watch games and lots of trash talking amongst players. Should be a great season of football.

Emmett discovered the Snuglie. I have tried to carry Jolene in both the Snuglie and a sling Emily gave me and she had no yet liked either of them. Emmett though, likes to carry his puppy in the snuglie. Not sure why since it is WAY to big for him and he steps on the straps, but it is quite entertaining for me to watch so I let him. Jolene is loving tummy time(which Emmett enjoys playing too) and kicking her legs on her back. She has just barely discovered her voice and I think it slightly scares her still. We have all the contraptions for her to sit in and she prefers the couch to take naps on. Luke and I really enjoy tripping over all of the baby stuff so we'll leave them out for a bit longer- I'm sure she will use them at some point.

Tonight we were making dinner and happened to look out the window and noticed the hundreds of birds in our yard- the pictures don't show all of the birds that flew away as I opened the door to take the pictures. It's like the Hitchcock movies or Poe stories. Luke said if they were all crows we were gonna hit the road and not look back-bad omens or something! It had just got done raining and I think they were enjoying the hundreds of thousands of grasshoppers that we have around this year(not sure where they came from). I guess I am thankful they came around-hopefully they put a dent in the flying torpedos that attack when I go out to the garden.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark come to visit!

This weekend, Mark and Deb came for a visit. They got to meet/spoil rotten little Jolene and Emmett. We had a wonderful time and already miss not having them here. We started the trip off on Friday morning with watching the filming of a National Geographic show. They were here to film on the Sleeping Giant ski resort reopening and they opened the show with a gun fight scene of the old town here in Cody. We were just there to be extras aka "tourists". It was interesting and not something you get to do everyday. Emmett was not too sure of the gunshots, but Jolene slept right through it. We had a nice lunch at Cassie's and finished the night with a salmon dinner, wine and of course cards.
On Saturday, Deb and I went to the rec center for a bit in the morning, while the guys went golfing. She and I and the kids did a bit of shopping before meeting them for lunch. It turns out friends of the Anderson's, Sandy and Woody, were stopping by a weekend earlier than we had thought. They are on a trip started in Georgia and ending in Washington. Thy parked their motorhome in town and Luke went to pick them up to have dinner and drinks with us at the house. Mark steamed king crab and Luke grilled some ribeyes. It was a darn good meal and even better company. We drank a few cocktails on the porch til way past my normally early bedtime. The next day we met the Jerritt's in town for lunch and back to the house to play a yard game called Corn Hole. (WAAAAY to much fun! I think I need to try and build one!) Woody and I were a team and Sandy and Luke paired up. Ultimately, Woody and I were not the winners, but had an awesome time trying. Then we decided to try the night rodeo. It was the perfect weather, almost a bit chilly, but we had a good time. Emmett loved it of course(he and grandma wore cowboy hats for the occasion!) and Jolene never made much of a peep. The Jerritt's are still here in town for a few days, touring Yellowstone by motorcycle, but Mark and Deb had to head home. What a crazy fun weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lots happening!

Jolene took her first official bath the other day. She actually loves bathtime now. I think the side-of-the-sink-bath must have been torture, cause now things are great. Wait til she realizes there are toys involved with bathtime(and a big brother)!

Emmett just loves her to death. He constantly wants to hold her and kiss her and just be with her all the time. Not sure when that will end, but I know it's coming(hopefully not until they have to share a car...). Emmett has also gotten one of his 2 year molars and must be working on the others. His appetite is so random and very hard to get dinner on the table some nights. He will request something to eat and then not touch it once it's on his plate. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. He had gotten a bit taller in the past few weeks, so maybe we are just in the midst of a growth spurt.

Luke and I took the kids to the go kart races in Powell the other night. Jolene and I wound up sitting in the car because it was so incredibly loud! These were not your typical go karts. They had massive engines and sounded like we were at Indy! Much cheaper than Indy....but just as loud! Emmett wasn't so sure at first. Kinda wide eyed and shaking a bit. He and Luke stayed and watched for a few more minutes. On the ride home, Emmett stated that he was scared by the races and repeated it many times to make sure we knew! Maybe next year....

Jolene is also growing by leaps and bounds. She has finally upgraded from her newborn outfits to the 0-3 month stuff. Lots of cute outfits to try and fit in before the cold weather hits. We haven't had much for hot weather lately, which makes me think we are already into fall a bit early this year. This weekend is supposed to warm up to mid 80's which is great weather for when Mark and Deb are here. Then we have just two weeks until Labor Day, when we will be back in Denver to celebrate Dad's life with a party on the deck. Should be bittersweet. Great to see everyone who misses and will remember Dad, but kind of finalizes it all and makes me sad all over again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boys at the Lake

Sure looks to me like they had a great time at the lake this year.
Good friends+family=lots of fun.

Things he learned while Grammy was here....

It seems that my mom has clearly left her mark on Emmett. I was told yesterday that "Grammy does it" when I said "Not now, Emmett". This morning I was told that Grammy said he could have a surprise. Mind you, he does get a "surprise" when he goes on the big boy potty(he #2'd the other day!!!)., but at that particular moment, I was changing a poopy diaper. One of my personal favs is the explanation of how thunder works. We have certainly had our fair share of storms in the past few weeks, with more in the forecast. Emmett get really excited when he hears thunder and comes running yelling "boom" as he slams his hands together. "Clouds go BOOM!".

We are gearing up for Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark's arrival. Only a week away. We are all very excited to see them and can't wait for them to meet Joey. Plus, I get to make great dinners and try new recipes while they are here....Maple Hoisin Glazed Salmon anyone?!

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 weeks...where did it go?

I can't believe 3 weeks has already come and gone. Chrissy flew in to meet Jolene and drive home with mom. I feel like I blinked and the time was gone. I hardly was awake enough to visit with her most of the time(nights have been a bit rough the past few days hence the no sleep). Hormones are also a factor in all of the tears I shed as Mom and Chrissy drove off down the driveway. It was really valued time that I got to spend with my mom and really tore me apart to see her leave. We are fortunate that Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark are headed our way in less than 2 weeks, and then shortly after that we are in Denver for a short trip. So the tears are for nothing since I will have plenty of family time in the next few weeks. Luke has had a great time down at the lake with family and friends. I am really glad to have him home tomorrow. Emmett, Jolene and I sure miss him!

This past weekend was the balloon festival here in town. The weather did not cooperate for most of it, but Emmett and I got to see them fly on Saturday morning. They were gorgeous in the morning sun, once I got my coffee and a jacket. We really get a great view of them from our front porch. The mountains in the background were a nice touch for the photos! The same night, it got pretty cold and rained for the majority of the evening. In the morning, the mountains were freshly coated with snow! Not a huge amount, but it's pretty darn early for that to be starting. We have also noticed a few flocks flying south already! I'm guessing we are in for a rough winter. I'm sure it will take it's toll on my garden too. I have harvested lettuce and zuchs so far and have a few heirloom tomatoes just starting to grow. The peppers and beans are probably not going to have enough time to produce before the first frost. I am hoping to get a nice vine full of pumpkins this year for carving and decorating. Otherwise, we'll be visiting the pumpkin farm again this year.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lots of new toys

Emmett has gotten a few new toys in the last few weeks. It seems to help the days go by with less arguments and fewer tantrums. I know that the bribes will have to stop soon but for now it keeps me sane. His latest new "bribe" was a floor mat that he can drive his cars on. It came with two Tonka dump trucks and he absolutely loves it! At 6am this morning, he dragged the mat into my room to play cars. He usually drags his blanket in and watches cartoons quietly in bed with me. Not today. So this morning started off with Jolene up at 5:30am, followed by the screeching and crashing of dump trucks. Needless to say, I hope there is a nap in my future.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New pictures of Jolene

It has been so much fun putting on dresses and cute clothes that I have been staring at in her closet for so long! She looks particularly beautiful in yellow and white. I will keep the pictures coming....