Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great photo

This is such a great photo. Luke and Emmett took a day when we were home to visit the Grandparents in Colorado Springs. They got to have lunch with Max and then went to visit Liz at her school for recess. A great visit with the Andersons!

Mark and Deb walking with Emmett to lunch.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a month

Mom left this morning for her drive back to Loveland. She should be almost home be the time I get done with this post! What a crazy month. All in all, we had a great visit under the awful circumstances. Luke, Emmett and I were there for the first week and then E and I stayed for one more. We got to have lunch and dinner a few times with Chrissy, made some fun dinners with Ken and also spent time with mom's neighbors, Beth and Nancy. I feel that we got a lot accomplished in those hectic two weeks. Emmett was such a wonderful distraction from everything and kept us all in stitches. I have lots of pictures and some really funny videos from the past few weeks.
Mom and I drove up to Cody last Friday and had a nice time here: painting, running random errands, catching up on magazines, and a whole lot of Food Network! I think Emmett might have played with cars a few hundred thousand times. It was really sad seeing her leave today. I'm sure the crazy hormones have a bit to do with all the tears, but it was really great to get to spend valuable time with my mom. Gwammy, as Grammy might be pronounced, has been searched for all over the house and Emmett is confused as to where she might be. "Where arrrrre you, Gwammy?" is very hard to explain as you are crying in your coffee while trying not to laugh at his cute expressions.
We did get out for a bit this morning as the wind was not blowing and the sun was shining. Emmett and I headed to the gym for a bit and then to the park for lunch. We have a busy rest of the week which I look forward to since it seems to keep me from bawling.

Photos: Emmett with his computer, in beanbag, playing with Aunt Chrissy's phone, a big help with snow shoveling, nighttime with Gwammy. Videos: dancing with Chrissy's ringtones, and playing guitar.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our new RED room

I love it! Mom, Luke and I painted for the last few days. The dining room looks like it was meant to be red. The furniture and drapes all look great with their new backdrop of burgandy. See for yourself.......(the pictures have been leveled since the photo!).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Words for Dad

Mom has received numerous cards and notes from friends all over the country.  Dad had one really great friend, Mark Kupperschmid(We always called him little Mark).  He really summed up my father in the card her wrote to mom.
"Greg was always such a good friend.  I will always remember his solid advice, coaching mannerisms, friendly voice, warm smile and hearty laugh.
He also liked his beer cold and being around family and friends.
Greg was very respected among his co-workers, and with those that are still working, are deeply saddened about his passing.
For me, I admired Greg like and older brother...always looking up to him.  I know now, that I will still look up to him."

Well said, Little Mark!  and thank you for your kind words.  I know he can hear them and they mean a lot.

Gracie Rae Kilcrease

Gracie is absolutely amazing! She is the spitting image of Emily herself. Both mom and baby are doing and looking wonderful(you to, Daddy!). She was born on the 16th at 11:19pm by C-section, is 8lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. I will post a picture when I have a bit more time. (This is her a one month old!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Here comes Gracie!

Emily went to the hospital today to be induced!  Gracie is on her way!  Hurray!  Mom and I are going down to Denver tomorrow to meet her and have dinner with a few friends afterwards.  I will for sure post pictures as soon as I get the chance!  Good luck, Emily and Charles!  We hope for a safe delivery and a quick one ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We love you Dad!

My dad, Greg Tarvin, passed away on the evening of February 8th.  He most likely had a massive heart attack and died in his sleep.  He was a wonderful husband, caring father and an amazing grandpa.  There are no words to explain how we are all doing.  We are moving forward as he would have wanted but times are rough.  Dad wanted no service but a party on the deck commemorating his life.  That is what we will look forward to this summer.  After his gala, we will take him to his favorite camping spot and let him continue living on, maybe in the trees next to the river where he loved to fish.  
There have been some comforts through this tough time.  Emmett's laughter and excited screams have really been a godsend.  He really brings a smile to all of us through the emotional times and tears.  I also had a dream the other night about my dad.  He was walking Junior, our old puppy.  Junebug had horrible hips and could never go on walks.  Dad and Junebug were walking and happy as could be.  Dad always walked his dog Holly every morning, so he has found Junebug to continue on those walks.  The thought of them together makes me feel that Dad is alright.
We had dinner with some neighbors last night that allowed us all to relive some really great memories of Dad.  Those are the great moments we will all remember and keep close.
Thanks goes to all of you with your thoughts and prayers as we move forward through this healing process.  
Dad's obituary can be viewed at

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny video

Handy Manny said "Queso" when he and the tools were taking pictures on their cartoon this morning. Here is the result....

Hair today...Gone today

Luke has decided to get rid of the winter beard! A bit early this year but I think the nice weather must have had something to do with that! He was out hitting golf balls in the front yard, drinking a bourbon and smoking a cigar yesterday. Check out the before and after pictures and pick your choice in the poll at the left!

On with the show

Playhouse Disney was an adventure! Courtney, I and our combined three kids, went early to Billings to run a few errands. The first one, Target, took longer than we expected. There was so much stuff to browse for. We picked up Valentine's Day gifts, dollar bin finds and browsed the maternity clothing. We made it to Olive Garden a bit late and had to wait to be seated. The kids were very anxious to eat and were quite loud waiting for a table. Then off to the show after we inhaled our soup and salad. We arrived a few minutes after the show started.
Adventure #1 Trying to find our seats, in the dark, with 3 very excited children.
The show consisted of four cartoons: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Tigger and Pooh. Darby, Cooper and Emmett were all captivated by the costumes and music. Emmett and Cooper were about to naptime and were a bit calmer than Darby. She was a dancing fool! The other two sat on laps and clapped and cheered.
Adventure #2 Keep the kids away from the booths selling souvenirs.
Those booths are money pits and cause many migraines for adults. We managed to get out of the auditorium without purchasing anything, but Darby(desperately needing some shuteye) was severely disappointed that she did not take anything home with her. She was upset all the way to the car, which started Cooper crying to match her sister's screams. Emmett refused to walk, only to be carried. It was a trying experience that really on lasted about 15 minutes, but seemed much longer!
Adventure #3 Try to get thru Costco quickly.
Courtney staying in the car with the kids and a movie playing. Darby, already fast asleep, Cooper, well on her way, and Emmett contently watching the movie. Costco is never fast, but with a very short list(things for the upcoming playdate), I was in and out in 20 minutes. The ride home was very quite as all of the kiddos eventually fell asleep and we were able to turn off Elmo and have quite conversation.
All in all, a very successful day and enjoyable enough to try again when the next show comes to town.
Pictures: Emmett, Darby and Cooper at the show, Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny, Rocket from Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing going on here...

Weather has been pleasant for the past few days, but with snow on the horizon it kills the thought of an early spring. Not too much going on around here. Emmett is busy these days with lots of playgroups and classes. There is a story time at the library on Mondays that he is now a part of. He finally will sit and listen to the book being read. He really seems to enjoy it. And then, the Children's Resource Center started a group at the library that is just phenomenal. The kids get to do all sorts of tasks and projects: bubbles, dancing, making pictures, playing with playdoh. Emmett was not really a fan of the finger painting....he started complaining about 3 minutes after his hands got sticky. Dirt on the other hand is just fine. No idea.... Back to the gym now that my energy seems to be renewed. Finally! Emmett loves the daycare and I got back to working out. Things are looking up. Tomorrow we are headed to Billings to see Playhouse Disney at the Theater. He really loves the Mickey. For example, last night he was jumping on the couch and running circles screaming "MOUSE, MOUSE!" over and over. I thought maybe a mouse got indoors and Emmett spotted it. I am halfway up on a stool when I realize he is screaming about a Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day card on the couch. We are now working on the "Mickey" part so as not to believe that there are mice in the house.
My parents are headed up to visit next week. They bought me paint for my birthday and are going to help me paint the dining room. Keep your fingers crosssed that the red is the right shade.......I have also signed Poppy up to watch the movie Cars with Emmett because I just don't think I can watch it again. Now when Emmett asks to watch the movie, I just tell him Poppy will be here in a few days! Thanks Dad!(even though you might have no idea what you are in for...)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Last night we asked our friends to watch Emmett so we could go out and have a nice dinner. We met up with our friends, Jeff and Jessica, had drinks and then out to dinner at the Chop House. We had a great time! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. It was just what we all needed to add back into our lives. Sometimes we just get too busy to remember that we're not just parents, but friends that need to laugh and have fun. Jeff and Jessica have two little girls and we all had funny stories to share about our kids. It is also nice to offer sober rides for a few more months...
This afternoon we are headed to our friends, the Anderson's house today for food and fun. We are bringing the hot wings. I am also trying a new recipe for Japanese style wings. Should be fun and there will be lots of kids for Emmett to play with and maybe we'll get to see part of the game!