Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing going on here...

Weather has been pleasant for the past few days, but with snow on the horizon it kills the thought of an early spring. Not too much going on around here. Emmett is busy these days with lots of playgroups and classes. There is a story time at the library on Mondays that he is now a part of. He finally will sit and listen to the book being read. He really seems to enjoy it. And then, the Children's Resource Center started a group at the library that is just phenomenal. The kids get to do all sorts of tasks and projects: bubbles, dancing, making pictures, playing with playdoh. Emmett was not really a fan of the finger painting....he started complaining about 3 minutes after his hands got sticky. Dirt on the other hand is just fine. No idea.... Back to the gym now that my energy seems to be renewed. Finally! Emmett loves the daycare and I got back to working out. Things are looking up. Tomorrow we are headed to Billings to see Playhouse Disney at the Theater. He really loves the Mickey. For example, last night he was jumping on the couch and running circles screaming "MOUSE, MOUSE!" over and over. I thought maybe a mouse got indoors and Emmett spotted it. I am halfway up on a stool when I realize he is screaming about a Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day card on the couch. We are now working on the "Mickey" part so as not to believe that there are mice in the house.
My parents are headed up to visit next week. They bought me paint for my birthday and are going to help me paint the dining room. Keep your fingers crosssed that the red is the right shade.......I have also signed Poppy up to watch the movie Cars with Emmett because I just don't think I can watch it again. Now when Emmett asks to watch the movie, I just tell him Poppy will be here in a few days! Thanks Dad!(even though you might have no idea what you are in for...)