Thursday, February 28, 2008

Definitely my child!

I always joke about how much E looks and acts (and sometimes smells) like his father. I finally figured out why I know he's my kid. He loves the vacuum!! He loves to watch and follow me while I vacuum. He also loves the laundry. Just like me. I love to vacuum and enjoy clean clothes! I can remember secretly enjoying to vacuum when I was little 'cause we had a central vac in the house in Illinois. I thought that was so cool. Still do. Crazy, I know. Emmett may not have brown hair and eyes, but he definitely got his love of clean from me!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not much going on...

I wanted to check in and let everyone know that my new washer is coming tomorrow at 2:30pm!!!! Also, My friend Tammy has the cutest little thing on her blog that counts how old her son is! So I copied hers for the bottom of the blog with Emmett's info with his upcoming milestone and all!!!(Thanks Tammy!) They also have cute milestone markers for weddings....Emily! I will add one for you after E's birthday! We have the ceiling left to paint along with the bathroom and one bedroom. It is coming along, just a long process. have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The icing

Emmett woke up sick today- slight fever, runny nose, cough and sneezing like crazy. But that is not the "icing on the cake". My washing machine broke. We are heading to the laundromat to finish up and then to Sears to check out a new washer. I called up to Billings and they will deliver to Cody for a nice price. So we are going to comparison shop here in Cody. There are two places to look, Sears and Gizmos. We'll see..........

Monday, February 25, 2008

Being sick SUCKS!!!

I have been so sick since late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I think that I have/had a touch of the flu or some sort of stomach bug. I am finally starting to feel back to normal, besides the achy muscles and tight feeling in my chest, along with the headaches. I am trying not to get the little one sick-wouldn't that be the icing on the cake. Luke has been great. Taking care of E all day on Saturday. I don't think I left bed until 4pm that day. He also took a half day at work today, so I could rest some more. Emmett has also been a pretty good boy. Not sleeping well at night, but we think there might be more teeth on the way. I will get some pics of the new tooth here soon.
It has been very lightly snowing here today. Makes it easy to stay in comfy pants and wrapped in a blanket, watching cooking shows and watching the backs of my eyelids.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's go outside!

It was a beautiful day again today. I think these pics will tell our story. The only thing it won't tell you is that our stroller had 2 flat tires half way thru our walk!

"Hey, Mom! I got my shoes on!"

"Can we go outside to play?"

"I'm all buckled in. Let's go!"

30 mins later...........


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


You are all invited to Emmett's 1st birthday party/March madness get together! We are holding the event at The Shack in Littleton on the corner of Broadway and Mineral on Saturday, March 15th. They have a back room available to us all for food, cake, drinks and basketball! We will be there from 1-4pm, with candles being blown out around 2pm. Please let me know if you will be stopping in by sending me an email or leave a comment on the bottom of this post.

Hopefully we'll see you there!
Luke, Karen and Emmett

Just a kid!

So yesterday, Emmett was no longer a baby in my eyes. He has become a kid. I don't know of any babies that deliberately dump cereal on the floor and shovel as much of it in their mouth before mom gets there. The picture is after I tried to pick up piles of flakes and then realized what a great photo op this was. Then later that afternoon, he showed off his mud gotee again, only this time I grabbed the camera before heading to the sink.

This morning we attended our first MOPS meeting. It was really nice to meet other women around town and have wonderful daycare for Emmett while we interacted. Today we received a book about the Seven Pillars of Health. It really sounds interesting and I am looking forward to the read. I won a door prize as well! (Thanks Tammy for the bracelet!) Can't wait for future meetings! We tried to head to the park afterward with Caleb and Tammy, but E was out like a light. Those women at daycare really wore him out! It is a beautiful sunny day, but the woman next to me at MOPS, Keri, made sure I knew that this was very unusual and to expect more cold temps.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a great weekend

Mark and Deb visited us this weekend. Emmett sure loves when his grandparents visit. He never gets put down and gets anything he wants!(This is warrented for grandparents only!) They drove in on Friday morning and we went and had a nice lunch at the Irma hotel. Their food is ok but the history is cool. We celebrated Valentine's Day with a big dinner of King crab and halibut, and steaks for the guys. It was a lot of fun. We never made it to dessert, too much wine and cards. My new motto is " A little less wine, a lot more water." It proved true most of the weekend. Mark and I had a great run at cards, but lost the last night. It was a wonderful weekend and we are sad they had to return home.

Luke and I spent the Presiden't day priming the basement walls. The basement is bigger than we thought! It took us the entire day to almost finish. I paint during naptime and Luke is painting during his lunch hour. Once we started with rollers in hand, Luke and I looked at each other and said "wow. this is much bigger than we think it is!" Now we are both really sore, hands cramped and callus' and blisters formed.

Emmett got his first tooth this morning! The day has finally arrived! He woke up from his morning nap and there it was. He also now enjoys helping me water the plants that he gets into. I think it is because he knows water + dirt= mud.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It is a gorgeous day today. The sun is shining and melting all of the beautiful snow we got yesterday. (Good thing for Mark and Deb who are driving up to visit today! Drive Safe!) The basement was for the most part finished yesterday. Luke and I are taking on the task of painting the entire thing so that should be interesting. Thank god for no more dust! I have cleaned time and time never seemed to stop. Anyway, I now have a very clean house and hopefully it will stay that way for a few days! The only things left to do downstairs are installing the light fixtures, putting in the toilet and vanity, and putting on the trim(which will all be done when luke and I are done painting). We are holding off on the flooring and the tiled shower for now. I will add some pics of the basement while we are painting. They will be more interesting that way!
We love and miss all of you! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

God made dirt, so it won't hurt, right?!

Yesterday, Emmett discovered house plants. I should have known that he was too quiet. He came around the corner from our dining room with two fists full of dirt and a mud gotee. Did I forget to mention the enormous smile? I wish I'd have thought to grab the camera, but I was shocked and laughing.
He also learned to drink with a straw. It's a new game for him. I think he gets quite a bit of water and then spits it back into the glass. My water is full of cheerio floaties by the time we're done "playing".

Monday, February 11, 2008

Walking is so much fun

Emmett is crusin' now! He is particularly funny when Luke "calls" him for bathtime. He comes running and arms flailing. It is too funny to not share with you all. Thanks for the Valentine's Day cards. He loves to eat them. Nuff said. Mark and Deb are driving up to visit on Thursday and should be here on Friday morning. Can't wait to spend the weekend with them. We are making a fun dinner on Friday to celebrate the V-day holiday. Should be great. Took Emmett to the Doc- again. His ears are really a problem. The doc doesn't feel like tubes are the route to go at this time. The thing is...E doesn't perform for the doc like he does at home. Oh well. Hope he feels better for Grandma and Grandpa.....Enjoy the movie.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Little man

Emmett got his hair cut today by a very nice lady named Lacey at Tangles in town(Don't worry Jen G! You're still our fav!). He behaved very well and looks very handsome. Luke liked his long hair better, but now he is such a cute little man. and very blonde! Check out the comparision pics! These are a week apart.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Finally, we got an offer on the house. We decided to take it no matter what. So, needless to say, we did not get what we wanted, but at least the nightmare is long as the inspection goes well. and it works out that the buyers want to close the week I am home for E's b-day. That will be a great week! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the inspection goes should.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Walking everywhere!

Here is just a little bit of the new talent Emmett has learned. His PJs are a bit slippery....but he walks everywhere anyway. Pretty fun to watch. He kinda has a swagger and picks his feet up pretty high. Luke compared him to an ostrich.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Sunday

Luke and I spent SuperBowl Sunday in the comfort of our home. It was nice to sit around in comfy pants, play with Emmett and Luke, and eat nachos all in the same day! Luke dressed Emmett in his Chiefs gear for the "last time til Draft day". We tried out Alton Brown's wing recipe. It didn't seem to work so well for us, plus it took almost two hours! Oh well, the nachos were good. Emmett has decided that he likes to open a certain cabinet in our kitchen. So, I moved everything in the cabinet to a new spot and he got his own cabinet. I filled it with tupperware, beer coozies, and plastic spoons. He loves it. We don't yell at him to stop and he gets to pull things off a shelf. The perfect match. No voices raised and E plays for about 15mins by himself. He is now walking pretty long distances on his own...from the hallway to the kitchen. Then falls over in a dramatic exhausted slump and cries. not sure what that is about. He is such a joy. Can't believe he is almost a year old.