Monday, February 25, 2008

Being sick SUCKS!!!

I have been so sick since late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I think that I have/had a touch of the flu or some sort of stomach bug. I am finally starting to feel back to normal, besides the achy muscles and tight feeling in my chest, along with the headaches. I am trying not to get the little one sick-wouldn't that be the icing on the cake. Luke has been great. Taking care of E all day on Saturday. I don't think I left bed until 4pm that day. He also took a half day at work today, so I could rest some more. Emmett has also been a pretty good boy. Not sleeping well at night, but we think there might be more teeth on the way. I will get some pics of the new tooth here soon.
It has been very lightly snowing here today. Makes it easy to stay in comfy pants and wrapped in a blanket, watching cooking shows and watching the backs of my eyelids.