Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a great weekend

Mark and Deb visited us this weekend. Emmett sure loves when his grandparents visit. He never gets put down and gets anything he wants!(This is warrented for grandparents only!) They drove in on Friday morning and we went and had a nice lunch at the Irma hotel. Their food is ok but the history is cool. We celebrated Valentine's Day with a big dinner of King crab and halibut, and steaks for the guys. It was a lot of fun. We never made it to dessert, too much wine and cards. My new motto is " A little less wine, a lot more water." It proved true most of the weekend. Mark and I had a great run at cards, but lost the last night. It was a wonderful weekend and we are sad they had to return home.

Luke and I spent the Presiden't day priming the basement walls. The basement is bigger than we thought! It took us the entire day to almost finish. I paint during naptime and Luke is painting during his lunch hour. Once we started with rollers in hand, Luke and I looked at each other and said "wow. this is much bigger than we think it is!" Now we are both really sore, hands cramped and callus' and blisters formed.

Emmett got his first tooth this morning! The day has finally arrived! He woke up from his morning nap and there it was. He also now enjoys helping me water the plants that he gets into. I think it is because he knows water + dirt= mud.