Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hot Lunch

It's a pretty snowy, cold day so we decided to have hot lunch ready for Daddy when he got home. We set Luke up with a piping hot french dip sandwich and fries before his long drive to Casper this afternoon. Emmett had his first taste of Chef Boyardee for his hot lunch. He loved it. Mini meatballs and raviolis. It was a huge mess, but definitely worth the smile on his face to have tasted something different!

Yummy!! Hot and delicious!

What mess could you possibly be speaking of?!

First Birthday photos

Emmett and I went to Billings, Mt. for his first birthday photos. They turned out pretty good. It was fun seeing him pose for his photos, really a natural. We should have contacted Gerber early on! Anyway, he and I stopped and ate lunch at Applebee's, went to Toys R Us, and finished our day at Lowes. We picked out a toilet, sink and some tile pieces for the bathroom. I think we have the tile narrowed down to two choices. Should be great either way.

Today it is snowing like crazy! This is the first time since we've been here that it has snowed this much. March storms, right?! Luke has a meeting in Casper tomorrow that he is now going to make the drive tonight instead. Good idea with the way the weather is working out. In a few weeks, he has another meeting in Casper that Emmett and I are coming along for. Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark are meeting us up there for a quick visit. Can't wait! Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had wonderful weather this weekend. Perfect for the easter weekend. We started with Luke having a half day on Friday(it was good friday). We took Emmett to see the Easter Bunny at the bank branch at Walmart and then out to lunch at our fav La Comida. We had breakfast with our friends next door on Saturday. It was a lot of fun to have them over. Emmett showed off all of his new toys to the boys, Kelly and Donald, and he got some new PJ's for this summer. Thanks Shelton's! Later that eve, we had a nice turkey dinner with our friend Mike. His wife Tammy and their son Caleb are in Florida for a visit with their families. Luke and Mike had a few beers and played X-box for quite some time. I mean into the wee hours of the morn! This morning was Easter morning. Emmett woke up and the Easter bunny had stopped by. He left a new book and some other fun toys. Grandma Debbie had also gotten him an easter basket to open this morning. He loved it! Cars and stuffed toys and even a small lunch box! He had a blast. The local "egg" hunt is at the golf course. So we went this afternoon and participated. The sun was shining and it was a little breezy, but there were tons of kids and will be so much fun once Emmett gets the concept. The Cody Lions Club basically drives around in golf cart with huge boxes of candy and empties them on the 1st fairway. They then blow the lightning siren and the kids go "hunting". Emmett had a piece of candy in both hands and was very content watching the other children fill entire grocery bags with candy. I did happen to snag a few Reese Peanut Butter Cups......for Daddy of course. We loaded up the easter loot and one very tired little boy. He napped and we got ready for Easter dinner with the neighbors, the Shelton's. We had a wonderful dinner of ham, yams, beans, salad and cornbread muffins. We never made it to the pecan pie! Full, tired and ready to put the kiddo to sleep, we are now at home relaxing. I wanted to make sure to post this evening, cause Emmett and I are headed to Billings in the morning for his pictures at Sears.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more try with the birthday cake

The video is a little long, almost 3 mins. Aunt Chrissy, not to worry that he didn't eat your cake. I t seems that he doesn't like to eat any cake!! Enjoy the last of the birthday videos for this year.

Happy Birthday!

Today is the day! Emmett is officially one year old! Luke and I were actually reminiscing this morning around 9 am. Thinking that Emmett was only an hour old this time last year. Crazy!!! Luke, Emmett and I are going to have a nice dinner to celebrate this wonderful occasion, maybe some cake, we'll see how ambitious I get today!
Today is also the first day of Spring. It snowed again overnight. Not much to speak of, but left us in a cloudy, colder, gray rest of the day. Actually, I just looked outside and it is snowing some more.
Tomorrow, our local bank is offering free pics with the Easter bunny. Emmett did not think much of Santa, so we'll see how he does with this holiday icon.
The video below was from yesterday. He loves the birthday card given to him from Kate, Mike, Aidan and Ryleigh. He does not put it down! I hear the song over and over....Greatest gift ever, and only a few bucks! I will file that idea away for future birthdays...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Colorado Boy

Emmett had a fashion show this morning. We are getting ready for his one year photos on Monday at Sears in Billings. The suit is a 12 month size but still a little big. Too bad! It sure is cute. Also, he got a golf getup from the Stangers that is just too cute. He will definately be in that one. For our friends Sara and Eric in Vail.....he sure looks good in his cords and Vail t-shirt!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Couldn't resist!

He loves his new toys!!! He figured out how to ride them the first day out of the box.

More birthday pics

These are a few of the pics that were taken with my camera. For many more pics please check out Aunt Donna's Blog. You can link to her blog from the list of friend's blogs on the left.

Sara and Eric

Jenny, Doug, Alexia and Olivia Jisa

Paula and Stan with grandson Phillip
Cousin Max and Aidan playing games

Grandma Debbie watching Emmett drive.

Emily, Jim and Sherry Stanger along with Emily's fiance Charles and his daughter Arielle
Kate, Mike, Aidan and Ryleigh Williams

What a great trip!

We had a wonderful time in Denver last week. It started with the plane ride. Emmett had his first trip by plane and did very well. He cried the first half of the flight and then went to sleep for the rest of it, even thru the landing. I hated being that person sitting on the plane watching the other travelers walk by with their ticket in hand praying their seat was not next to mine. I got lucky by having a sweet older lady who was on her way to see her grandkids in arizona.
It was an adventure that I will do again, especially if Luke is along for the rise. I think having someone to travel with would allow Emmett to move back and forth between seats.
Grammy and Poppy's house was a great time. Emmett and Holly, their field retriever, had a good time playing chase. Emmett was always the one chasing. Joyce and Greg watched Emmett so I could go dress shopping with Emily, Jenny, Molly and Emily's mom Sherry. We found a great bridesmaid dress and had a fun lunch to follow. Then we met up with "the girls"- Kate, Julie, Chrissy, Sarah and Sam. We had a great time and many margaritas were consumed, as well as martinis. It was really great to reconnect with everyone. Chrissy and I went shopping in Denver the next morning, after a hangover breakfast. It was awesome to shop my favorites stores....Nordstroms Rack, I miss you already! By early afternoon I was missing the little one and we headed back to Loveland. My first night away from Emmett was totally worth it. I think I only called twice, and of course he was fine without me. Monday rolled around and back to Denver to close on the Littleton House. Yea!!!! It was fairly painless and quick. Nice to see the funds arrive from the sale. Mom and I got to have lunch with my brother Ken. It was really good to see him and we had a nice lunch. One more time back to Loveland. Luke surprised us by coming up a day early. He arrived at my folks' house on Wednesday night, just in time for wine and cards! Mom and I lost, but not without a fight. On Thursday, Luke, Emmett and I drove back to Denver to set up camp at the Canales Hotel. Thanks for letting us stay for the weekend! It was really great to see Emmett and Jack play and get to know each other. Jack's first birthday is April 7th. So the boys got to open a few gifts for their birthdays. We gave them matching cowboy boots(slippers). They were soo cute on the boys. Poor Jack was not quite feeling up to par until the day we left. Hope you are feeling better Jack. Emmett's birthday party was on Saturday and was so much fun. So many people came and we got the chance to briefly catch up with them all. Lots of kids and no crying. The children were so well behaved and so much fun to watch. Chrissy made Emmett a cake for him to tear into. He was maybe awestruck by all the people, cause he wasn't sure about the cake. He maybe touched the cake and tasted the frosting and that was about it. We are going to try cupcakes for his actual birthday this Thursday. We'll see what happens! He received tons of very cool gifts. We haven't even opened half of them. He just can't decided what to play with as it is. He will appreciated the spreading out of the gifts in the coming weeks.
Our trip home to Cody was very eventful. Emmett was very fussy and not sure what was wrong. We stopped in Casper for lunch and also bought a thermometer to check E's temp. He was running a 101 fever and so upset about it! His fever went away the next day and seems ok now. We think he is getting two more teeth up top. Yesterday, he drooled thru 3 tops and 4 bibs. Hope these come in quick. Pretty uneventful St. Patrick's Day. Luke met Mike for a beer after work, but came home to a screaming, crying baby and frustrated mother. We are going to try the addition of whole milk to his bottles today. Wish us luck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our first airplane ride

Emmett and I have been busy this week, getting ready to head back to Denver for a visit with family and friends, as well as his birthday!!! The laundry is done, grocery shopping completed for dad(by himself for a week-I know he'll miss us!) and now we just need to pack. Emmett is such a great help. I have been talking with Tammy who flys to Orlando a few times a year. She has given me some great tips for flying with a child. I think I am ready- diaper bag is loaded with Cheerios, fruit snacks, toys, books and a change of clothing. I seem to remember my old boss Dave telling me of a story with his baby boy at the airport. They had to throw away the outfit! I hope I am prepared. We'll see. At least it is only a one and a half hour flight. I just don't want to be that person on the plane. You know, the one with the crying-seat kicking-yelling-stinky child.

We hope to see you all soon!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Painting, Painting and more painting!

Luke and I have been very busy painting. Much more busy than we thought. It looks as though we are going to have to put a 3rd coat on the walls. The trim work is all complete as well as the ceiling. We have one more bedroom and the bathroom left to paint and we will be complete....for now! We tried to enjoy the warm- 55 degree weather- on Saturday. We took our recycling to a nearby town, Powell, and then stopped for lunch at a place called Anne's Cafe. We really like trying out new places. This one really takes the cake for worst. We should have known when we were one of three tables there for brunch. Luke ordered a burrito and I ordered the "special of the morn" a polish omelet. I was not thinking that polish omelet meant "hot dog". Seriously, there was a hot dog in my omelet. I could hardly keep from cracking up. So I shared my breakfast with Emmett. He loved it, hot dog for breakfast. Anyway we tried to go for a stroll by the Newton Lakes, but it turns out there are no trails for walking, only fishing trails. It will be a great spot for trout fishing this summer. So we came home with the intention of walking down by the river on Sunday. Sunday was cold and overcast and windy. We put E down for a nap and painted instead.

Emmet now has THREE teeth, one on the bottom and his two front teeth. "All I want for my birthday is my two front teeth...."