Monday, March 3, 2008

Painting, Painting and more painting!

Luke and I have been very busy painting. Much more busy than we thought. It looks as though we are going to have to put a 3rd coat on the walls. The trim work is all complete as well as the ceiling. We have one more bedroom and the bathroom left to paint and we will be complete....for now! We tried to enjoy the warm- 55 degree weather- on Saturday. We took our recycling to a nearby town, Powell, and then stopped for lunch at a place called Anne's Cafe. We really like trying out new places. This one really takes the cake for worst. We should have known when we were one of three tables there for brunch. Luke ordered a burrito and I ordered the "special of the morn" a polish omelet. I was not thinking that polish omelet meant "hot dog". Seriously, there was a hot dog in my omelet. I could hardly keep from cracking up. So I shared my breakfast with Emmett. He loved it, hot dog for breakfast. Anyway we tried to go for a stroll by the Newton Lakes, but it turns out there are no trails for walking, only fishing trails. It will be a great spot for trout fishing this summer. So we came home with the intention of walking down by the river on Sunday. Sunday was cold and overcast and windy. We put E down for a nap and painted instead.

Emmet now has THREE teeth, one on the bottom and his two front teeth. "All I want for my birthday is my two front teeth...."