Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is the day! Emmett is officially one year old! Luke and I were actually reminiscing this morning around 9 am. Thinking that Emmett was only an hour old this time last year. Crazy!!! Luke, Emmett and I are going to have a nice dinner to celebrate this wonderful occasion, maybe some cake, we'll see how ambitious I get today!
Today is also the first day of Spring. It snowed again overnight. Not much to speak of, but left us in a cloudy, colder, gray rest of the day. Actually, I just looked outside and it is snowing some more.
Tomorrow, our local bank is offering free pics with the Easter bunny. Emmett did not think much of Santa, so we'll see how he does with this holiday icon.
The video below was from yesterday. He loves the birthday card given to him from Kate, Mike, Aidan and Ryleigh. He does not put it down! I hear the song over and over....Greatest gift ever, and only a few bucks! I will file that idea away for future birthdays...