Friday, September 25, 2009

Boot Scoot N Boogie

It was the first year for the Boot Scoot here in Cody. It is a really fantastic idea and was a lot of fun but needs some better organization! Basically, they put together a fashion show in the center of downtown with all of the shops lining the streetfront with their sales and beverages and things to munch on. Emmett was a part of the fashion show for the kids store Because of Brenna, along with his friends Adaya, Kinley and Wyatt(Kinley is in the red skirt with her mom Kacie). Emmett was going to wear a camo get-up but they decided to put him in a dinosaur outfit(lame!). He was still cute but not as cool as the other boys in camo. The girls wore the cutest "ballerina" type skirts in bright colors and were really adorable. It was a mess trying to get all the kids dressed and lined up in time to go on for the show. No one had a specific line up and when it was time to go down the red carpet, it pretty much looked like chaos. Emmett was supposed to walk with an older girl and she decided she wanted to walk by herself(owner's daughter) so they said it was fine. Emmett walked out from behind the curtain by himself and must have looked like a deer in headlights. He stopped and wouldn't move. I wound up walking him down most of the carpet and walked him back. So needless to say, I did not get pictures of him during the show! I sure wish I would have known I would be walking the carpet....maybe I would have put on a bit more makeup and tried harder on my hair! Anyway, Emmett was a very good boy considering the chaos and ended up having a great time afterwards. They had street music that he and Wyatt danced to and they played with a "pool" of kittens provided by the humane society. Next year will be a lot more fun(most likely without the participation in the show)because the first year for anything can be a learning curve!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tough way to end the weekend

It was a good weekend: great weather, great football, great friends and one nasty ear infection. That's right. Instead of having her two month check-up tomorrow, Jolene went to see the doctor today for what we suspected was an ear infection. Same symptoms as when Emmett was dealing with them. Sure enough, Jolene's left ear is infected. We got her stared on antibiotics this afternoon and we will hopefully get more sleep than the previous nights.

Friday, September 18, 2009

We need a fence!

The f#*king deer have gone too far this time! I was fine that they demolished the zucchini plants and the beans and the peppers AND the tomatoes, but not my pumpkins! Once they decided to eat my pumpkins last night, they crossed the line. I only have two pumpkins left that they haven't touched. Next year, we will either be getting a fence or a gun. I know which one is more affordable....

The zucchini plants had a good run. They grew in abundance this year, so much so, that I have handed out tons of extras and frozen about 10 cups of them grated for bread this winter. These last two were left on the plant because I thought the deer ate them all, and they just kept growing and now they're huge!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oktober Fest in Red Lodge

We headed north yesterday for the Oktober fest in Red Lodge. We didn't expect much since they are such a small town, but it was really small. We had a good time and the weather was spectacular. The Anderson's met us up there for the fun. The kids ran around the park, got to climb and play on a train car, jump in a bounce castle and get their faces painted so it wasn't all for none. Then we decided to try dinner at the Red Lodge Pizza Company. Great food, but very distracting with five kids and 4 adults. I think the other diners were glad to see us leave. At one point, some guy said "so how many kids do you got over there?! Not that I mind, but Geez!" Point taken. We ate our pizza and went home. It is something that Luke and I said we would do again next year...once the kids are older.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yellowstone with the Eaton/Habben crew

Once we got home from the Labor Day weekend, Mom drove her motorhome up to Cody and we headed into Yellowstone for a few days of camping with Trish, Cody, the boys and both sets of their parents. Emmett, Jolene and I followed Mom into the park and hoped for the best, since this was the first "camping" trip with the kids. Emmett loved it! When we saw the buffalo walking down the road and it walked right beside the car, Emmett screamed "He looked in my window!" That's when Holly started growling and we took off in a jolt. I was terrified that the growl would anger the buffalo and charge the car. Mom also spotted an eagle and a few elk, but not too much else was spotted in the park by us.

Jolene was a bit harder since she is still too young- bottles at 3 am in a camper was not exactly my idea of fun. Next year she will be at an age that should be fun. The entire ride home from the East gate was Jolene crying/screaming with the accompaniment of Emmett crying cause he wasn't allowed to open his window(since we were driving a bit faster than normal due to the crying going on!).
The daytime weather was nice, 60's to 70's, but at night it got down into the low 30's. I am not quite ready for that yet, but I do love the great fall temps we are having!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Other Labor Day events

We had the chance to catch up with the Anderson side of the family while we were home for the holiday weekend. Bob and Donna hosted a BBQ at their home to gather our family and friends for the afternoon. It was a really nice chance to catch up with everyone and let the kids play together. A HUGE thanks to Bob and Donna for the great food and hospitality.

Remembering Dad

This past Labor Day weekend was Dad's "deck party" to celebrate his life. He would have been proud of the turnout and how wonderful the party was. The food was delicous, the company was wonderful and the beer was plentiful and cold. There could not have been better weather. It was sunny, not too hot and never a drop of rain. I'd like to think Dad had a hand in that! ("It's not gonna rain on my party!") It was nice to see all of the family that came in from California, Salt Lake and Missouri and the friends that traveled from Illinois and all over Colorado. There was a table of photos and memories of Dad that was very touching and Beth did an amazing job of putting it together. I did not take many photos but will add plenty when Anne Marie sends her cd of photos! A huge thanks to her for that!