Friday, September 25, 2009

Boot Scoot N Boogie

It was the first year for the Boot Scoot here in Cody. It is a really fantastic idea and was a lot of fun but needs some better organization! Basically, they put together a fashion show in the center of downtown with all of the shops lining the streetfront with their sales and beverages and things to munch on. Emmett was a part of the fashion show for the kids store Because of Brenna, along with his friends Adaya, Kinley and Wyatt(Kinley is in the red skirt with her mom Kacie). Emmett was going to wear a camo get-up but they decided to put him in a dinosaur outfit(lame!). He was still cute but not as cool as the other boys in camo. The girls wore the cutest "ballerina" type skirts in bright colors and were really adorable. It was a mess trying to get all the kids dressed and lined up in time to go on for the show. No one had a specific line up and when it was time to go down the red carpet, it pretty much looked like chaos. Emmett was supposed to walk with an older girl and she decided she wanted to walk by herself(owner's daughter) so they said it was fine. Emmett walked out from behind the curtain by himself and must have looked like a deer in headlights. He stopped and wouldn't move. I wound up walking him down most of the carpet and walked him back. So needless to say, I did not get pictures of him during the show! I sure wish I would have known I would be walking the carpet....maybe I would have put on a bit more makeup and tried harder on my hair! Anyway, Emmett was a very good boy considering the chaos and ended up having a great time afterwards. They had street music that he and Wyatt danced to and they played with a "pool" of kittens provided by the humane society. Next year will be a lot more fun(most likely without the participation in the show)because the first year for anything can be a learning curve!