Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yellowstone with the Eaton/Habben crew

Once we got home from the Labor Day weekend, Mom drove her motorhome up to Cody and we headed into Yellowstone for a few days of camping with Trish, Cody, the boys and both sets of their parents. Emmett, Jolene and I followed Mom into the park and hoped for the best, since this was the first "camping" trip with the kids. Emmett loved it! When we saw the buffalo walking down the road and it walked right beside the car, Emmett screamed "He looked in my window!" That's when Holly started growling and we took off in a jolt. I was terrified that the growl would anger the buffalo and charge the car. Mom also spotted an eagle and a few elk, but not too much else was spotted in the park by us.

Jolene was a bit harder since she is still too young- bottles at 3 am in a camper was not exactly my idea of fun. Next year she will be at an age that should be fun. The entire ride home from the East gate was Jolene crying/screaming with the accompaniment of Emmett crying cause he wasn't allowed to open his window(since we were driving a bit faster than normal due to the crying going on!).
The daytime weather was nice, 60's to 70's, but at night it got down into the low 30's. I am not quite ready for that yet, but I do love the great fall temps we are having!