Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Sunday

What a great Sunday! Chiefs beat the Broncos! Emmett is feeling much better! He even had his first Cheeto and of course he loves them(who doesn't?!). I got to chat with Zak and Ruthie, whom I haven't talked with since before we moved. As well as emailing with my cousin Trish and her mom Jude! It was a nice way to end the otherwise terrible weekend. Today, we are debating whether we are going to swim class or not. Emmett loves it but I'm concerned about his ears. We are also waiting for the doc from Billings to call. I would love to get him in up there as soon as possible, maybe this week?

(I just got a call from my hair dresser. I missed my appt this morning. I hate when I do this. I rarely miss appts, I guess just too much going on at the moment and I never checked the calendar. Darn it! I really needed that haircut too!)

Emmett still has his sticker on from the doc's office!

Magic carpet ride. He loves the basket.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Emmett is finally asleep. Luke is playing vids, I'm going to start a puzzle...finally some downtime. We went to the doctor again this morning. Emmett was absolutely inconsolable last night. We got home around 8pm from the MOPS BBQ and put Emmett to bed. Screaming after about 10 mins of sleeping. We thought maybe he got a bug bite, ate something strange, but did not think it was ear infection. Emmett had a clean bill of health when we were at the doc on Monday. Now he has a nasty ear infection six days later. We picked up some heavy antibiotics and gave him a dose. Now he is finally able to sleep. He needs it so badly, that poor guy only slept a few hours at most last night. The ENT doc in Billings is supposed to call on Monday to set up consult for tubes. Hopefully sooner than later. This is already his second infection this month. So not excited about having to put him under anesthesia for the tubes, but I hear it is worth it for him in the long run.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emmett aka Little Fish

We have been in swim class for two days and Emmett has absolutely no fear. He walked out into the pool(beach entry) and kept on going til he was about ear deep. No worries, didn't care. He just bounced back to where he could touch. Kinda scary, but the instructor seemed to think it was great. Next spring, he can take a class that is just him, a few other kids and the instructors- no mom. We'll see.

We made a great meal tonight with the zucchini from the garden. It feels great to be able to use the fruits of my labor and makes me really excited to have a much bigger garden next year! That is if the deer family living in our back yard doesn't move in permanently- I don't think I could afford to feed them all year. The babies are in our back "yard" every morning and I think that they must bed down in either our neighbors yard or ours in the evenings. Emmett is always the first one spotting them. He now runs to the window in the morning and knocks and laughs. I would love to be able to read his mind some days. Anyway, I've named the deer Bamsi and Mitsy. When growing up "on the farm", we had two sheep named Bamsi and Mitsy. I figure since we have two baby deer hanging around, those names seemed fitting. Takes me back.........

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Day

Today, Emmett and I went to his 18month doctor appointment. He is 23 lbs 6 oz. and 33 inches tall. He is 15 % for weight and 75% for height. Ears looked good and no need for tubes at this point. He got one shot today and he didn't flinch. Not a single tear. I had to ask the nurse if she really gave him a shot. She was pretty surprised as well. Then off we went to swim lessons. He loves to be in the water. Emmett has a few friends in the class that he knows from MOPS and they all splashed and had a good time together. The class is right before the lunch hour and the kids are ready to eat and nap when the class gets done. We came home, ate lunch and the appraiser came knocking at the door. He was a very nice man and had very nice things to say about our home. Luke and him chatted about being new in town and shared some business advice. Now, we are on to nap time. Quiet time.
I have my first volleyball game at the rec center tonight. I believe we are the MOPSquad. Should be fun. All in all, it was a busy and productive day. I am now going to sit on the couch and turn on Rachel Ray for some mindless TV watching!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yea!!!! Daddy's home!

It is wonderful to have Luke home from his trip! He drove home Saturday and got home sometime in the afternoon. We made a nice big dinner and got to enjoy it as a family. Emmett and Daddy have been catching up with reading books, playing ball, and of course watching football. Emmett finally has grown into the Holmes jersey that his cousin handed down to him before he was even born. Luke has been waiting for this day! Not too many Chiefs fans out here as you can imagine-we are still in Bronco country. I will have to be on the lookout for a Chief's wardrobe for next season.
So the house is getting appraised tomorrow. Should be great to know what they price the house at now that we are almost done with our improvements. Landscaping should increase the value as well once we get that far!

I received an email from my Aunt Jude. She's been in the hospital with pneumonia, but is now home on oxygen til she sees her pulmonary therapist. Get well wishes from us all! We love you and can't wait to see you and the rest of the Habben's and Eaton's at Thanksgiving!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waking up to wildlife

This morning Emmett woke up early, so I put him in bed with me and turned on Little Einsteins. A few minutes later, Emmett is AHHHHH-ing over something. It is a deer outside our window. Then if you look closer she has two babies beside her. Emmett was amazed! We traveled around the house looking out different windows as they moved. We then went outside and he was in heaven. Until he expressed just how excited he was and off the deer family ran. It made for a nice start to our day.

We had our first MOPS meeting yesterday. Should be a lot of fun this year. There are lots of great women to meet and get to know. It was also great to catch up with a few moms that I met last year.

I decided to take down the gate to the stairs. Luke doesn't know yet, so unless someone tells him , he'll find out when he gets home. It seems to be just fine. I put all of his riding toys in the basement so he couldn't ride them down the stairs. No falls to speak of and he can come and go as he pleases. No more dragging you to the gate and throwing a fit because I am not going downstairs. We'll see...there's no going back now.

We are headed in to the gym and then on to coffee with the girls. Should be a fun day.
Emmett watching the deer threw his bedroom window

Monday, September 15, 2008

We're done! almost...

The carpet has been laid! We are finally done. The only parts left are to tile the bar, which we'll do sometime this winter, and paint the dining room. Oh yeah, and landscaping. That is a huge project and will maybe get started next summer. We love the new space and Emmett has plenty of room to spread out his toys.

Emmett got dressed up in his Chief's gear this Sunday. It is already too small and we will have to do some online shopping for new Chief's apparel! The Shelton's came over for football and food yesterday and are coming over for the Monday Night game. It will be nice to have some company since Luke had to leave this morning for Denver for work this week. I am a single mom til Saturday! Lots to do and plenty to keep busy with. MOPS starts back up this week on Wednesday and planning on a few gym days this week. It should go by pretty fast, but we will miss Daddy none the less.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harvest Time!

So I finally get to eat the veggies I planted this spring! I have yellow squash and many zucchinis about to be harvested. Hopefully before the snow falls, I'll also get a few leeks. The growing season is so short here. Pretty fun to pick fresh veggies though!
Emmett is doing great! Napping like a champ and making up for lost hours. He is napping 2-3 hours at a time and sleeping thru the night. We finally got back into the gym today. With the summer camps over and kids back in school, it is so much easier to get Emmett into the daycare so I can jump on an elliptical for an hour! We had a nice storm pass thru today and it really cooled things off. We have cool weather in the forecast for the next week or so. I love it!
Carpet gets installed tomorrow! I got the install phone call a few minutes ago and they want to come tomorrow! Luke and I have not finished moving the furniture out and need to finish the trim work. We have a very busy night ahead of us, but we work best under pressure! Once the carpet is done(Saturday) I will post an update video of the finished product. SOOO excited!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Better today

We were up again last night, but not because Emmett was sick. Mostly because he fooled us into needing/wanting to sleep in our bed last night and then wanting to play at 4am. He definitely feels better. His fever seems to be stable at 100 degrees and getting better by the second. Once again he is into everything. His new trick is to pick up(not push) the stool and place next to the counter and get into what ever is available in his arm's reach! He has only demolished a pack of sticky notes and a few far.
Emmett is sleeping with a pillow these days(probably helps with the congestion too!). I bought a few of these pillows called pillow pals. He got a turtle, while my two girlfriends with kiddos on the way recieved a cow and a sheep. He loves it and it makes for a great Kodak moment. Emmett wants to play ball all the time. He leads you to where he wants you to sit and play with him and then will play until he is bored and he'll just walk off. Never mind that I am in the middle of making dinner or even on the toilet. He wants to play ball on his schedule. One day...the bathroom will be sacred again.

Monday night football with Dad

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I hate being sick!

So, Luke, Emmett and I are all sick. I think it was weather changing, over drinking/exhausted, and for poor Emmett-an ear infection. We haven't slept in days. Emmett has been waking up at night and not really going back to sleep. He just takes a short nap and then screams. We never would have suspected an ear infection though. He has never once tugged at his ears or any of the tell tale signs. Anyway, after another long night, we decided that there has to be more than teeth going on(He has another huge molar coming in at the moment! That makes four in the last 2 weeks or so!). We spent the morning at the urgent care clinic. Emmett also started wheezing this morning. Worrisome due to the fact that Luke has such terrible asthma. The doc at the clinic was awesome. He and the nurse worked really well with a cranky, drippy nose, teething/slobbering almost 18 month old. We immediately started Emmett on a heavy antibiotic and will hopefully get to sleep tonight.

We just took his temp again after he woke up from his nap and he is now running a 102 degree temp. Called the doc and we are pumping him full of Motrin to try and break the fever. I don't see sleep in our future....

Emmett got a postcard from Grammy and Poppy today! They are in their motorhome on the way to Nova Scotia. Sounds like it has been rainy but beautiful all the same. We miss you tons and travel safely. Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark are on their way to the Lake for a trip. Talk to you soon and have a great time!

Here are a few more Emmett photos and a quick video of the kiddo!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


A huge congrats to the expecting parents of Jackie and Karl Gieb! She is due three days before my birthday....January 24th and is having a girl!!! Pigtails and cute dresses!!!!!! I can't wait.
Don't worry Karl! I'm sure she'll throw a ball with you in the backyard someday...It'll just be a pink football! Best wishes to you and your family!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wonderful Labor Day weekend

To start off, we had a slight crash of our computer. Now we have a much better computer and hopefully do not have to go thru the feeling of losing an appendage ever again(or at least for a long time)!

We began the week with a visit from Chelsea, Dayven and Wyatt. They were passing thru on their way back to Edmonton. The boys were awesome together. Emmett and Wyatt played nicely, danced and sang together when their fav cartoon came on, and even played in the tub together. It was a short and very sweet trip. (My pics of the event were on the crashed computer and will hopefully come back to me this weekend when I attempt to move my hard drive to the new computer. Chelsea sent a few!)

We then took off for Denver the next day. Packed up the car and away we went. We decided to try the wake-up-really-early-and-drive method. Seemed to work the best so far. Emmett was really good for most of the trip. He was on explode mode when we pulled up to the Christensens' home! We got to see Sarah's brother Aaron and his new bride Sherry, along with their friends John and Paul. We had a wonderful dinner and plenty of drinks, in fact I haven't seen the early side of 4am in a really long time! Ryan and Sarah's neighbors, Mark and Laura, had also come over to join in the fun. They are a really wonderful couple and we've enjoyed getting to know them!

The next day was rough. HUGE hangovers all around. We had pedicures scheduled for 10 am and we barely made the appointments. Luke and I then headed over for an early check in at the Hotel so we could get Emmett down for a nap before the rehearsal dinner for Emily and Charles' wedding. The rehearsal was nice, except the pastor was stuck in traffic and never made it to the rehearsal. It seemed to go alright without him, so we all proceeded to dinner. Great dinner on the golf course. We had to take off early due to the munchkin tossing mac n cheese everywhere and yelling(In his defense, it was past his bedtime!!!). We went back to hotel and met up with Mark and Deb. The plan was to play cards and have a little fun, but Luke and I were party poopers and went to bed by 9:30pm! Which was great, for the wedding day was busy! Luke and Mark went golfing and Deb drove me to my hair appointment. She got to play with Emmett all day til the boys got home! Good Grandma time!

Emily's wedding was beautiful. The backdrop was Fox Hollow golf course with a beautiful pavilion that was set up for dinner and dancing. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor wedding. It got slightly cool by the end of the night, but there were so many cocktails had, I don't think too many people noticed! Best wishes for the newlyweds!