Friday, September 5, 2008

Wonderful Labor Day weekend

To start off, we had a slight crash of our computer. Now we have a much better computer and hopefully do not have to go thru the feeling of losing an appendage ever again(or at least for a long time)!

We began the week with a visit from Chelsea, Dayven and Wyatt. They were passing thru on their way back to Edmonton. The boys were awesome together. Emmett and Wyatt played nicely, danced and sang together when their fav cartoon came on, and even played in the tub together. It was a short and very sweet trip. (My pics of the event were on the crashed computer and will hopefully come back to me this weekend when I attempt to move my hard drive to the new computer. Chelsea sent a few!)

We then took off for Denver the next day. Packed up the car and away we went. We decided to try the wake-up-really-early-and-drive method. Seemed to work the best so far. Emmett was really good for most of the trip. He was on explode mode when we pulled up to the Christensens' home! We got to see Sarah's brother Aaron and his new bride Sherry, along with their friends John and Paul. We had a wonderful dinner and plenty of drinks, in fact I haven't seen the early side of 4am in a really long time! Ryan and Sarah's neighbors, Mark and Laura, had also come over to join in the fun. They are a really wonderful couple and we've enjoyed getting to know them!

The next day was rough. HUGE hangovers all around. We had pedicures scheduled for 10 am and we barely made the appointments. Luke and I then headed over for an early check in at the Hotel so we could get Emmett down for a nap before the rehearsal dinner for Emily and Charles' wedding. The rehearsal was nice, except the pastor was stuck in traffic and never made it to the rehearsal. It seemed to go alright without him, so we all proceeded to dinner. Great dinner on the golf course. We had to take off early due to the munchkin tossing mac n cheese everywhere and yelling(In his defense, it was past his bedtime!!!). We went back to hotel and met up with Mark and Deb. The plan was to play cards and have a little fun, but Luke and I were party poopers and went to bed by 9:30pm! Which was great, for the wedding day was busy! Luke and Mark went golfing and Deb drove me to my hair appointment. She got to play with Emmett all day til the boys got home! Good Grandma time!

Emily's wedding was beautiful. The backdrop was Fox Hollow golf course with a beautiful pavilion that was set up for dinner and dancing. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor wedding. It got slightly cool by the end of the night, but there were so many cocktails had, I don't think too many people noticed! Best wishes for the newlyweds!