Saturday, September 27, 2008


Emmett is finally asleep. Luke is playing vids, I'm going to start a puzzle...finally some downtime. We went to the doctor again this morning. Emmett was absolutely inconsolable last night. We got home around 8pm from the MOPS BBQ and put Emmett to bed. Screaming after about 10 mins of sleeping. We thought maybe he got a bug bite, ate something strange, but did not think it was ear infection. Emmett had a clean bill of health when we were at the doc on Monday. Now he has a nasty ear infection six days later. We picked up some heavy antibiotics and gave him a dose. Now he is finally able to sleep. He needs it so badly, that poor guy only slept a few hours at most last night. The ENT doc in Billings is supposed to call on Monday to set up consult for tubes. Hopefully sooner than later. This is already his second infection this month. So not excited about having to put him under anesthesia for the tubes, but I hear it is worth it for him in the long run.