Monday, September 15, 2008

We're done! almost...

The carpet has been laid! We are finally done. The only parts left are to tile the bar, which we'll do sometime this winter, and paint the dining room. Oh yeah, and landscaping. That is a huge project and will maybe get started next summer. We love the new space and Emmett has plenty of room to spread out his toys.

Emmett got dressed up in his Chief's gear this Sunday. It is already too small and we will have to do some online shopping for new Chief's apparel! The Shelton's came over for football and food yesterday and are coming over for the Monday Night game. It will be nice to have some company since Luke had to leave this morning for Denver for work this week. I am a single mom til Saturday! Lots to do and plenty to keep busy with. MOPS starts back up this week on Wednesday and planning on a few gym days this week. It should go by pretty fast, but we will miss Daddy none the less.