Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emmett aka Little Fish

We have been in swim class for two days and Emmett has absolutely no fear. He walked out into the pool(beach entry) and kept on going til he was about ear deep. No worries, didn't care. He just bounced back to where he could touch. Kinda scary, but the instructor seemed to think it was great. Next spring, he can take a class that is just him, a few other kids and the instructors- no mom. We'll see.

We made a great meal tonight with the zucchini from the garden. It feels great to be able to use the fruits of my labor and makes me really excited to have a much bigger garden next year! That is if the deer family living in our back yard doesn't move in permanently- I don't think I could afford to feed them all year. The babies are in our back "yard" every morning and I think that they must bed down in either our neighbors yard or ours in the evenings. Emmett is always the first one spotting them. He now runs to the window in the morning and knocks and laughs. I would love to be able to read his mind some days. Anyway, I've named the deer Bamsi and Mitsy. When growing up "on the farm", we had two sheep named Bamsi and Mitsy. I figure since we have two baby deer hanging around, those names seemed fitting. Takes me back.........