Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Sunday

What a great Sunday! Chiefs beat the Broncos! Emmett is feeling much better! He even had his first Cheeto and of course he loves them(who doesn't?!). I got to chat with Zak and Ruthie, whom I haven't talked with since before we moved. As well as emailing with my cousin Trish and her mom Jude! It was a nice way to end the otherwise terrible weekend. Today, we are debating whether we are going to swim class or not. Emmett loves it but I'm concerned about his ears. We are also waiting for the doc from Billings to call. I would love to get him in up there as soon as possible, maybe this week?

(I just got a call from my hair dresser. I missed my appt this morning. I hate when I do this. I rarely miss appts, I guess just too much going on at the moment and I never checked the calendar. Darn it! I really needed that haircut too!)

Emmett still has his sticker on from the doc's office!

Magic carpet ride. He loves the basket.