Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Care package from Grandma

This morning we had another MOPS meeting. The meetings are really nice to be able to get together with other women and catch up with the outside world. Our table was in charge of bringing food and I took a recipe that my mom sent me. She found it in her newspaper and it is from one of the B&B's here in Cody. It was pretty good, but needed green chilies instead of green peppers(darn food polluters!(a tiny shout out to Nina!)).

Luke is in Casper for a few days for one of his last insurance courses. Glad this is it for awhile. I don't like the single momhood thing! At least E and I have a busy schedule while he is away. We are heading up to Billings for a consult with the ENT doc tomorrow. We will see what he has to say and when they want to proceed. and of course, Target! Can't wait to see what civilization is shopping for these days.

Grandma sent a care package in the mail this week. Lots of fun Halloween stuff. Thanks for thinking of us! The glasses are the best....