Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party

We attended the Rec Center Halloween Party last night. It was fun for the kiddos! The entire gym was decorated for games and music and they also had a room just for the toddlers. There were lots of great costumes and our friend Yvonne's kids won first place for the costume contest. She dressed her little boy as McCain and her daughter as Palin(she borrowed Emmett's suit jacket for her costume!). They were pretty cute. Courtney and her girls were there as well. Darby was a bee and Cooper was a fuzzy chicken. There were lady bugs, a golfer, a hobbit, another cute dino, and a very cute witch in the toddler room as well. Emmett's costume was a red dinosaur (wearing blue tennis shoes). He was pretty cute and even growled from time to time. We stayed out a bit late and Emmett was pooped. It sure made for a nice quiet night at home on a friday evening.