Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is so good to see gas at $2.49. It sure makes trip back home so much more affordable. I filled up for our trip to Billings tomorrow and it was less than $50!!! We leave for Billings in 8 hours to make sure we are checked in at 6 am for Emmett's surgery. He goes under at 7:20am and should be done and leaving the hospital by 9am. It should be pretty quick and painless, but will seem like hours!

He loves to wear his sunglasses lately. Does not want to take them off. He wears them while eating, playing, in the car, everything but bathtime!
My parents are now home from their long vacation and had sent Emmett a care package of all the things they collected for him along the way. They found great deals at a Children's Place in the Northeast and also got him some really hilarious skunk slippers. He does not take them off. He even gets close to saying skunk! Mom say's they're for the "little stinker". I agree with the stinker part.
Time to watch some shows and head to bed!
He is feeding puppy lunch
Naptime on Sunday