Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow pictures

I was just watching the Bronco game and across the bottom of the screen were snow alerts and announcements. The small ski town about an hour north of here, Red Lodge, received 40 inches of snow in the last 24 hours! and they said Billings was between 22 and 30 inches. Cody did not get that much snow but we have some good size snow drifts in the front and back of the house. We have been in comfy pants and wrapped in blankets for 2 days now. Good thing we had a fully stocked wine/beer fridge!
I took this picture early this morning. Most of our windows are loaded with snow from the continuing snowfall and winds that keep gusting.

Emmett wrapped up in blankets, probably watching a.m. cartoons!

This is Emmett's new toy handed down to him from my friend, Yvonne. He hasn't gotten off the darn thing except to grab a snack or sleep!