Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whew! What a week!

So we had Dayven visit on Sunday. It was a great time, not long enough but we got plenty of food and sports in while he was here. Later on in the week, Layla came over to play while Jessica headed off to work. I am watching her girls while Jessica's mom is recovering from surgery. Layla is such a doll and she and Emmett play so well together. I cleaned out Emmett's closet and found some toys that I had put up til he was older. One of them is an old toy of mine and my siblings. It is a turtle on a string that bobs his head when you pull him across the floor. Emmett just laughs and runs with the turtle. Some much fun to watch!

Then there was last night. Luke was out to dinner with an old friend in the insurance biz. Emmett went to bed as usual. until he woke up screaming. You would have thought there was an ax murderer in his crib with him. There was no consoling this child. Luke got called home from his nice night out and we went to the ER. Another darn ear infection, and only a week away from having the tubes put in! So now, he is on a numbing ear drop and antibiotics til surgery. Wednesday can not come soon enough.