Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch...and just in time! It started snowing this morning. We were fortunate enough to have made thru the pumpkin patch with just cold weather and no precipitation! Courtney and Amy and their girls along with Emmett and I, went to the Straw Igloo Gardens. They have tons of fresh produce and eggs to pick and purchase. They had a nice size pumpkin patch(for the small town). I think the kids enjoyed themselves, except for the cold. We then went to lunch at the McDonalds in town and let the kids play in the gym attachment thingy. Their feet were pretty dirty by the time we left, but they had a ball!! Definately wore Emmett out for the ride home. Now it has begun to snow and is supposed to continue thru the weekend. Great time to make a batch of soup. We are going to try Paula Dean's Chicken poblano stew for dinner tonight and a beer cheese soup on Saturday. Tis the season for soup!

Emmett has learned that he can push one of the chairs up to the window and not just look out. He can stand on the window sill and look out. Scares me to death when I catch him, but had to document the moment for you all to see! Then I ran over and disciplined. It doesn't matter though. He just goes right back and tries it again later. One of these times he'll learn. I just hope it doesn't constitute a trip to the ER.