Monday, March 28, 2011

Luke's fun vacay

Luke got to visit his friend Tim this weekend in Pittsburgh. It was a bit cold out there but nothing a cold beer didn't fix! Luke and I had seen a show about sandwiches and one of the restaurants, Primanti Bros., was in Pittsburgh. He went, he tried, and I think he's in love! Yes, those are french fries ON his sandwich. Now he is back to reality and perfect timing, as the kids have decided to be sick....Lucky guy! I have been up to my elbows in dirty diapers and soiled sheets and this is what he comes home to. I do have to say that I am so very excited to leave on Thursday for Denver! Hasta luego caca!

Monday, March 21, 2011

short videos

nakey extras

As many cute things that Joey has to wear, she'd rather wear nothing---but shoes. or boots. Too cute not to share...

Birthday boy

The birthday morning started off with a bowl of cereal and presents from Grammy and us. We spent the greater part of the morning putting together the Bat Cave made of blocks. Later, that afternoon, was Emmett's pizza party. Pizza was good, cake was good, friends were present and of course presents were opened. Pretty uneventful really. Luke had the bounce castle up for about an hour before pizza was ready. What a blast! Then the request for pizza started rumbling from downstairs. The troops were getting hungry. We tried to hold them off with apple slices but that wasn't cutting it. I couldn't get pizza out of the oven fast enough. I made four large pizzas, but didn't time them very well. The adults were eating pizza as the kids were digging into cake. and I forgot to serve the ice cream! It was fun and a great group of kids.
This morning Emmett asked when he was going to turn five.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

and the birthday begins...

During dinner tonight, there was a knock at the door. It was the UPS woman! It doesn't matter that it is a few days before his birthday, Emmett always asks if the package has his name on it. This time it actually did! Presents from Grandma and Grandpa. Of course- we used them to "eat a good dinner" and "open after a good bathtime". Then we called Grandpa to see if we were to open the wrapped presents that were in the said box. The answer was yes. He began tearing into packages and Joey was non-stop chiming in with "Happy Birfday!" Emmett opened a foam rocket that launches when you stomp on the launch ball/pad thing, a adventure land set(that is full of small pieces ;) ) , another rocket that needs to wait for a nice day outside and a flashlight in the shape of Rex from Toy Story. It roars when you pull the trigger and his mouth opens to shine the light. Jolene HATES it! She screamed and hid under the dinner table until it was put away. I think the greatest saying of all time came from our little almost 4 year old boy when he shot his first rocket. "Totally Awesome! That's how I say "Cool" in Spanish!" Our bilingual smarty pants!

Rainy day

Today started out as a rainy day but with lots of rainbows. So I naturally put them in their long awaited raincoats that have been stashed in the back of their closets and took pictures! The kids loved screaming at the they were gonna go somewhere. "MOM! LOOK AT THE RAINBOWS!!" It sure made for a long ride to MOPS this morning. Things have been busy as usual. We are gearing up for Emmett's big birthday bash on Sunday. I got the OK to buy a bounce house for "family use". We had to make sure Emmett knew it was not HIS and he had to share with his sister. Jolene won't even go near the monstrosity, so I don't think he has anything to worry about. She sat on the stairs the entire time, basically screaming over the blower. Good times.

I recently hosted a Philly Cooking Creme party from If you are not checking out this website, you are crazy. The send free fixin's to get the party started and they are normally pretty good. Besides coupons and cooking pamphlets, they sent me a Green Pan(skillet), tons of wooden spoons to hand out and lots of notepads. We had a great time. I turned it into a lunchtime playdate where about 10 of my girlfriends, whom all brought their children, ate and chatted while the kids ran the house. It turned out to be about 20+ kids! Again, good times!

And then there was the 28 lb box of green beans! Bountiful Baskets sucks me in and I seem ti listen to my neighbor that "28 lbs to split is not THAT much"...bologna! I froze about 1/2 of my 14 lbs and have not had time to get back to the other 1/2! They still seem ok...maybe this weekend?