Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday boy

The birthday morning started off with a bowl of cereal and presents from Grammy and us. We spent the greater part of the morning putting together the Bat Cave made of blocks. Later, that afternoon, was Emmett's pizza party. Pizza was good, cake was good, friends were present and of course presents were opened. Pretty uneventful really. Luke had the bounce castle up for about an hour before pizza was ready. What a blast! Then the request for pizza started rumbling from downstairs. The troops were getting hungry. We tried to hold them off with apple slices but that wasn't cutting it. I couldn't get pizza out of the oven fast enough. I made four large pizzas, but didn't time them very well. The adults were eating pizza as the kids were digging into cake. and I forgot to serve the ice cream! It was fun and a great group of kids.
This morning Emmett asked when he was going to turn five.....