Monday, September 8, 2008

Better today

We were up again last night, but not because Emmett was sick. Mostly because he fooled us into needing/wanting to sleep in our bed last night and then wanting to play at 4am. He definitely feels better. His fever seems to be stable at 100 degrees and getting better by the second. Once again he is into everything. His new trick is to pick up(not push) the stool and place next to the counter and get into what ever is available in his arm's reach! He has only demolished a pack of sticky notes and a few far.
Emmett is sleeping with a pillow these days(probably helps with the congestion too!). I bought a few of these pillows called pillow pals. He got a turtle, while my two girlfriends with kiddos on the way recieved a cow and a sheep. He loves it and it makes for a great Kodak moment. Emmett wants to play ball all the time. He leads you to where he wants you to sit and play with him and then will play until he is bored and he'll just walk off. Never mind that I am in the middle of making dinner or even on the toilet. He wants to play ball on his schedule. One day...the bathroom will be sacred again.

Monday night football with Dad