Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camera boy

We have had to re-move the basement furniture out of the basement for upcoming carpet installation. That means our dining room is full of mattresses and old baby toys. Emmett has rediscovered his old swing and walking/bouncing toys. He loves to turn on the music and dance! They are not assembled and in pieces. I have found these pieces all over the house! He cannot keep his hands off anything these days. He has also become a big fan of the camera. Seeing things thru the view screen is such an interesting game. He is such a ham- definitely not camera shy! Emmett has become available in several colors these days. I am starting to lose count on how many crayons he has nibbled on or ingested. Technicolor diapers are the excitement of the week.
We have company coming tonight, they should arrive just before dinner time. Dayven, Chelsea and their son Wyatt are going to be staying with us on their way back to Edmonton. They have been in Denver visiting Dayven's Mom, Karen. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Karen! In Luke's words" Give 'em hell, Karen!" We can't wait to see them and spend some QT in the few hours they will be here. I'm sure there will be some great Kodak moments of the boys, both young and old! Then, we head towards Denver for Emily and Charles' upcoming nuptials!