Monday, February 11, 2008

Walking is so much fun

Emmett is crusin' now! He is particularly funny when Luke "calls" him for bathtime. He comes running and arms flailing. It is too funny to not share with you all. Thanks for the Valentine's Day cards. He loves to eat them. Nuff said. Mark and Deb are driving up to visit on Thursday and should be here on Friday morning. Can't wait to spend the weekend with them. We are making a fun dinner on Friday to celebrate the V-day holiday. Should be great. Took Emmett to the Doc- again. His ears are really a problem. The doc doesn't feel like tubes are the route to go at this time. The thing is...E doesn't perform for the doc like he does at home. Oh well. Hope he feels better for Grandma and Grandpa.....Enjoy the movie.