Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a kid!

So yesterday, Emmett was no longer a baby in my eyes. He has become a kid. I don't know of any babies that deliberately dump cereal on the floor and shovel as much of it in their mouth before mom gets there. The picture is after I tried to pick up piles of flakes and then realized what a great photo op this was. Then later that afternoon, he showed off his mud gotee again, only this time I grabbed the camera before heading to the sink.

This morning we attended our first MOPS meeting. It was really nice to meet other women around town and have wonderful daycare for Emmett while we interacted. Today we received a book about the Seven Pillars of Health. It really sounds interesting and I am looking forward to the read. I won a door prize as well! (Thanks Tammy for the bracelet!) Can't wait for future meetings! We tried to head to the park afterward with Caleb and Tammy, but E was out like a light. Those women at daycare really wore him out! It is a beautiful sunny day, but the woman next to me at MOPS, Keri, made sure I knew that this was very unusual and to expect more cold temps.