Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Sunday

Luke and I spent SuperBowl Sunday in the comfort of our home. It was nice to sit around in comfy pants, play with Emmett and Luke, and eat nachos all in the same day! Luke dressed Emmett in his Chiefs gear for the "last time til Draft day". We tried out Alton Brown's wing recipe. It didn't seem to work so well for us, plus it took almost two hours! Oh well, the nachos were good. Emmett has decided that he likes to open a certain cabinet in our kitchen. So, I moved everything in the cabinet to a new spot and he got his own cabinet. I filled it with tupperware, beer coozies, and plastic spoons. He loves it. We don't yell at him to stop and he gets to pull things off a shelf. The perfect match. No voices raised and E plays for about 15mins by himself. He is now walking pretty long distances on his own...from the hallway to the kitchen. Then falls over in a dramatic exhausted slump and cries. not sure what that is about. He is such a joy. Can't believe he is almost a year old.