Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a month

Mom left this morning for her drive back to Loveland. She should be almost home be the time I get done with this post! What a crazy month. All in all, we had a great visit under the awful circumstances. Luke, Emmett and I were there for the first week and then E and I stayed for one more. We got to have lunch and dinner a few times with Chrissy, made some fun dinners with Ken and also spent time with mom's neighbors, Beth and Nancy. I feel that we got a lot accomplished in those hectic two weeks. Emmett was such a wonderful distraction from everything and kept us all in stitches. I have lots of pictures and some really funny videos from the past few weeks.
Mom and I drove up to Cody last Friday and had a nice time here: painting, running random errands, catching up on magazines, and a whole lot of Food Network! I think Emmett might have played with cars a few hundred thousand times. It was really sad seeing her leave today. I'm sure the crazy hormones have a bit to do with all the tears, but it was really great to get to spend valuable time with my mom. Gwammy, as Grammy might be pronounced, has been searched for all over the house and Emmett is confused as to where she might be. "Where arrrrre you, Gwammy?" is very hard to explain as you are crying in your coffee while trying not to laugh at his cute expressions.
We did get out for a bit this morning as the wind was not blowing and the sun was shining. Emmett and I headed to the gym for a bit and then to the park for lunch. We have a busy rest of the week which I look forward to since it seems to keep me from bawling.

Photos: Emmett with his computer, in beanbag, playing with Aunt Chrissy's phone, a big help with snow shoveling, nighttime with Gwammy. Videos: dancing with Chrissy's ringtones, and playing guitar.