Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We love you Dad!

My dad, Greg Tarvin, passed away on the evening of February 8th.  He most likely had a massive heart attack and died in his sleep.  He was a wonderful husband, caring father and an amazing grandpa.  There are no words to explain how we are all doing.  We are moving forward as he would have wanted but times are rough.  Dad wanted no service but a party on the deck commemorating his life.  That is what we will look forward to this summer.  After his gala, we will take him to his favorite camping spot and let him continue living on, maybe in the trees next to the river where he loved to fish.  
There have been some comforts through this tough time.  Emmett's laughter and excited screams have really been a godsend.  He really brings a smile to all of us through the emotional times and tears.  I also had a dream the other night about my dad.  He was walking Junior, our old puppy.  Junebug had horrible hips and could never go on walks.  Dad and Junebug were walking and happy as could be.  Dad always walked his dog Holly every morning, so he has found Junebug to continue on those walks.  The thought of them together makes me feel that Dad is alright.
We had dinner with some neighbors last night that allowed us all to relive some really great memories of Dad.  Those are the great moments we will all remember and keep close.
Thanks goes to all of you with your thoughts and prayers as we move forward through this healing process.  
Dad's obituary can be viewed at