Monday, August 10, 2009

3 weeks...where did it go?

I can't believe 3 weeks has already come and gone. Chrissy flew in to meet Jolene and drive home with mom. I feel like I blinked and the time was gone. I hardly was awake enough to visit with her most of the time(nights have been a bit rough the past few days hence the no sleep). Hormones are also a factor in all of the tears I shed as Mom and Chrissy drove off down the driveway. It was really valued time that I got to spend with my mom and really tore me apart to see her leave. We are fortunate that Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark are headed our way in less than 2 weeks, and then shortly after that we are in Denver for a short trip. So the tears are for nothing since I will have plenty of family time in the next few weeks. Luke has had a great time down at the lake with family and friends. I am really glad to have him home tomorrow. Emmett, Jolene and I sure miss him!

This past weekend was the balloon festival here in town. The weather did not cooperate for most of it, but Emmett and I got to see them fly on Saturday morning. They were gorgeous in the morning sun, once I got my coffee and a jacket. We really get a great view of them from our front porch. The mountains in the background were a nice touch for the photos! The same night, it got pretty cold and rained for the majority of the evening. In the morning, the mountains were freshly coated with snow! Not a huge amount, but it's pretty darn early for that to be starting. We have also noticed a few flocks flying south already! I'm guessing we are in for a rough winter. I'm sure it will take it's toll on my garden too. I have harvested lettuce and zuchs so far and have a few heirloom tomatoes just starting to grow. The peppers and beans are probably not going to have enough time to produce before the first frost. I am hoping to get a nice vine full of pumpkins this year for carving and decorating. Otherwise, we'll be visiting the pumpkin farm again this year.