Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Mark come to visit!

This weekend, Mark and Deb came for a visit. They got to meet/spoil rotten little Jolene and Emmett. We had a wonderful time and already miss not having them here. We started the trip off on Friday morning with watching the filming of a National Geographic show. They were here to film on the Sleeping Giant ski resort reopening and they opened the show with a gun fight scene of the old town here in Cody. We were just there to be extras aka "tourists". It was interesting and not something you get to do everyday. Emmett was not too sure of the gunshots, but Jolene slept right through it. We had a nice lunch at Cassie's and finished the night with a salmon dinner, wine and of course cards.
On Saturday, Deb and I went to the rec center for a bit in the morning, while the guys went golfing. She and I and the kids did a bit of shopping before meeting them for lunch. It turns out friends of the Anderson's, Sandy and Woody, were stopping by a weekend earlier than we had thought. They are on a trip started in Georgia and ending in Washington. Thy parked their motorhome in town and Luke went to pick them up to have dinner and drinks with us at the house. Mark steamed king crab and Luke grilled some ribeyes. It was a darn good meal and even better company. We drank a few cocktails on the porch til way past my normally early bedtime. The next day we met the Jerritt's in town for lunch and back to the house to play a yard game called Corn Hole. (WAAAAY to much fun! I think I need to try and build one!) Woody and I were a team and Sandy and Luke paired up. Ultimately, Woody and I were not the winners, but had an awesome time trying. Then we decided to try the night rodeo. It was the perfect weather, almost a bit chilly, but we had a good time. Emmett loved it of course(he and grandma wore cowboy hats for the occasion!) and Jolene never made much of a peep. The Jerritt's are still here in town for a few days, touring Yellowstone by motorcycle, but Mark and Deb had to head home. What a crazy fun weekend!