Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lots happening!

Jolene took her first official bath the other day. She actually loves bathtime now. I think the side-of-the-sink-bath must have been torture, cause now things are great. Wait til she realizes there are toys involved with bathtime(and a big brother)!

Emmett just loves her to death. He constantly wants to hold her and kiss her and just be with her all the time. Not sure when that will end, but I know it's coming(hopefully not until they have to share a car...). Emmett has also gotten one of his 2 year molars and must be working on the others. His appetite is so random and very hard to get dinner on the table some nights. He will request something to eat and then not touch it once it's on his plate. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. He had gotten a bit taller in the past few weeks, so maybe we are just in the midst of a growth spurt.

Luke and I took the kids to the go kart races in Powell the other night. Jolene and I wound up sitting in the car because it was so incredibly loud! These were not your typical go karts. They had massive engines and sounded like we were at Indy! Much cheaper than Indy....but just as loud! Emmett wasn't so sure at first. Kinda wide eyed and shaking a bit. He and Luke stayed and watched for a few more minutes. On the ride home, Emmett stated that he was scared by the races and repeated it many times to make sure we knew! Maybe next year....

Jolene is also growing by leaps and bounds. She has finally upgraded from her newborn outfits to the 0-3 month stuff. Lots of cute outfits to try and fit in before the cold weather hits. We haven't had much for hot weather lately, which makes me think we are already into fall a bit early this year. This weekend is supposed to warm up to mid 80's which is great weather for when Mark and Deb are here. Then we have just two weeks until Labor Day, when we will be back in Denver to celebrate Dad's life with a party on the deck. Should be bittersweet. Great to see everyone who misses and will remember Dad, but kind of finalizes it all and makes me sad all over again.