Monday, August 31, 2009

For the Birds

Doesn't everyone feel like this somedays?!

I had a day like that last week. Joey crying non stop, Emmett trying to "help"- do you have a mental picture? Luke came home from work to rescue me and we made some funny jokes about arsenic in our dinner and hiding all rope from mommy! Needless to say, Luke let me head to Billings by myself on Saturday, instead of a family trip. A well needed day alone. Then on Sunday night, we had four couples over to draft our players for our fantasty football league, Keeping the Wives Happy. Luke's team is No Pants on Sunday and I am the Pinot Grigio Gringos. Pretty fitting all around, huh?(as I type one handed with a glass of wine in the other) We almost had as many kids as adults. We would have been outnumbered if a few kids hadn't stayed home with grandparents. We are looking forward to lots of fun get togethers to watch games and lots of trash talking amongst players. Should be a great season of football.

Emmett discovered the Snuglie. I have tried to carry Jolene in both the Snuglie and a sling Emily gave me and she had no yet liked either of them. Emmett though, likes to carry his puppy in the snuglie. Not sure why since it is WAY to big for him and he steps on the straps, but it is quite entertaining for me to watch so I let him. Jolene is loving tummy time(which Emmett enjoys playing too) and kicking her legs on her back. She has just barely discovered her voice and I think it slightly scares her still. We have all the contraptions for her to sit in and she prefers the couch to take naps on. Luke and I really enjoy tripping over all of the baby stuff so we'll leave them out for a bit longer- I'm sure she will use them at some point.

Tonight we were making dinner and happened to look out the window and noticed the hundreds of birds in our yard- the pictures don't show all of the birds that flew away as I opened the door to take the pictures. It's like the Hitchcock movies or Poe stories. Luke said if they were all crows we were gonna hit the road and not look back-bad omens or something! It had just got done raining and I think they were enjoying the hundreds of thousands of grasshoppers that we have around this year(not sure where they came from). I guess I am thankful they came around-hopefully they put a dent in the flying torpedos that attack when I go out to the garden.