Thursday, July 30, 2009

One week has gone so fast

We went to Jolene's one week-ish doctor appointment. She has already put on the weight lost at the hospital, plus a few ounces! She is definitely getting her fill of milk. Jolene is in the 25% of head, length and weight. She's doing just fine. I can't get enough pictures of her either. I wish I would've had the camera this morning when Emmett asked to hold her. It is the cutest thing and he always has something funny to say. In the car, Emmett looks over and talks to her in her carseat. He says stuff like "hold on baby Joey!" and "almost home, baby Joey". Such a good big brother.

While Joey slept the other day, Mom, Emmett and I played in his room and watched as a huge thunderstorm went by. I had to take pictures of all of the stuffed animals that were in attendance and watching with us. Emmett loaded up Grammy's lap and made room for himself too. He also took a few pictures of Grammy with her new friends. It was a hoot. Emmett finished up his lessons for the summer. Swimming ended today and tumbling ended yesterday. We were late to tumbling and I missed the beginning where they do stretching exercises-too cute and I wanted to videotape for all to see- Oh well. I should get used to being late to things for the next few weeks till I have this two kid-thing down. I did however tape Emmett attempting somersaults. It's the least I could do.