Monday, July 27, 2009

Pretty girl

It's already been a week and Jolene is growing way to fast! She is still too small to fit into her newborn outfits, much less all of her other cute clothes in her closet, but is growing before our eyes. She slept exceptionally well last night, a process that has being getting better as the week progressed(I have probably jinxed myself by saying that!). Emmett is wonderful with her and loves when Joey wraps her little fingers around his. Luke had a bit of a morning with her today. At one point, I think I heard him mutter "sugar and spice, my a##!". I had brought her to our room for "breakfast" and decide to change her diaper on the bed. Well, she peed -alot- as I was getting her new diaper ready and had already removed the dirty. Strike one. Then she burped on daddy's shirt and spit up -alot. Strike two. The final strike came when she nearly blew out her diaper. That's when I heard the under the breath comments! One smile from her and I think all was forgiven!

Emmett got a chance to run around in his big boy underwear the other night. He loves to wear them, but doesn't want to use the big boy potty. We have been bribing with toys and getting to wear the underwear, but he is just not ready. No sense pushing the issue...but the underwear are just too darn cute and I can't wait til he's no longer "peeing" away diapers. $$$$$.