Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Luke celebrated his 31st birthday today. Emmett and I let him sleep in a bit this morning and then went in to wish him a Happy Birthday! Think back maybe 5 years or so and boy times were different. I'm positive that Luke remembers a time when we did not have a screaming two year old jumping on the bed with his cars and a mini pooh bear, yelling "It's momma's birthday!" and "Happy Birthday America!".(He eventually got it right.) Welcome to life in your thirties with another kiddo on the way.
Luke did some work outside early this morning before it got too hot. We are experimenting with a patch of grass in the front yard. Just wanting to see how well it will grow before deciding if we lay down sod instead. Then he got to relax, poolside, with a nice cold beer while we laughed at our Wyoming life. Nothing like an inflatable pool inside the garage cause you don't have any grass to speak of, sittin' in lawn chairs, watching your naked son prance in and out of a mini bathtub that you filled with home depot buckets. Actually, life is pretty good.