Sunday, August 1, 2010

wild friday

Friday turned out to be a crazy hectic day. It wasn't supposed to be, but then our friend Dan drives up the driveway and hops out with his two kids, Wyatt and Kenley. I had offered to watch them but didn't realize it was this Friday. He drops them off at 8am and says he'll be back to pick them up around noon. I have already lined up a rental turn-around for my girlfriends mom who had asked for some help. She has a few rental properties in town and had people checking out at 11am and new renters coming in at 4pm. I had asked my neighbor,Chris, to watch the kiddos so I could help out cleaning the rental. But now I had 4 kids til noon!!! Luke agreed to take an early lunch and came home around 10:45am so I could get into town. I had no idea what I was getting into! I love to clean so I thought this would be no issue. 3 bathrooms and 5 beds later....and it was a stackable washer and dryer! Those things take forever to wash and dry 5 pairs of bed linens. Anyway, a few extra dollars in my pocket and 5 hours later, I went home to relieve Chris of the kids. Then made dinner and rushed over to Jessica's to help set up for our garage sale on Saturday morning. I was there til about 10pm (the bottle of wine that Jess and I polished off did not help matters!) and was back there at 6am. It was worth it because we got rid of a ton of stuff and I made about $120. I brought home the rest of the potential profits aka leftover stuff to put into my neighbor Chris' garage sale in about a month or so. Never a dull moment around here. Luke and I settled in and enjoyed our porch for basically the first time last night. Jolene was in bed and Emmett was cracking us up. Luke put a new fishing lure on his fishing pole(hooks removed!) and he was fishing off the front porch. Truly a sight to see so I videod the event. We thought Uncle Bill would be proud! Bedtime rolled around for Emmett and it was finally quiet and we sat and watched an amazing lightning storm roll in. Luke and I thought we were going to finally get hit hard with rain and it basically split around the house. I think it sprinkled a few drops and the wind gusted a few times as we watched it pour in town and go behind heart mtn. Oh well. It made for some great entertainment. Jolene is completely off bottles now, which will make traveling sooo much easier this next trip. I got really fed up and threw them all away. The bottles were the original ones we used with Emmett just with some new nipples. They were starting to crack and leak everywhere. I think that's when I cracked and threw every last bottle in the trash. She does fine on sippy cups. Problem solved.