Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Fun Day at Sleeping Giant Ski Area

Emmett got to take a friend to family fun day yesterday. It started off a bit iffy, since we were at the doctor at 9am for Emmett's runny nose, fever and sheer crankiness! It turns out he has a sinus infection. We got him started on meds and picked up Jaren, Emmett's friend, and headed up the North Fork to the ski area. It poured on us for the first 20 mins. Regardless we kept driving with the mindset that the weather would clear up for our "fun day". and it did! It was a bit cooler than we had thought, but had stashed coats in the car and enjoyed the day. They had raffles, games, three-legged races, even a nature walk. We feed the kids at the BBQ there and finished just in time for the nature "hike". I use that term loosely since we went about 100 yards out from the club house. The ranger discussed hiking in bear country and then we got to fire off a training sample of bear spray. She gave great tips and the kids had a good time picking wildflowers. We didn't stay long after that since we were running into nap times. It was a fun way to spend the day with family plus one!