Sunday, August 29, 2010

New bike helmet

Emmett had been bugging for a bike helmet ever since our trip to Colorado. He got to borrow one at the Christensen's when he "rode" the scooter(which he rode for all of 1 minute! He realized he was faster on the tricycle.) We discussed that he could wait and ask Santa for one or he could bring his wallet and buy one himself at Walmart. He chose to bring his wallet to Walmart this morning. Luke and I agreed that we would split it with him since he was being responsible, and he's 3. The helmet came with elbow/knee pads that haven't come off since we've been home! Luke took a video of his first trike ride with his helmet!

Tonight was Emmett's preschool parent orientation. Basically we signed up for which days to help out and committees and things. It was nice to meet his teacher and know where to drop him off and where his classrooms are. Should be alot of fun, for Emmett and me!