Monday, August 9, 2010

The wedding...part one

Our vacation started with a journey to Colorado Springs to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. They agreed to watch the kids so Luke and I could attend his good friend's wedding. Matt Lutgen and his new bride Korrie got married on Saturday up in Parker at his sister's home. Her place was gorgeous and had the perfect setting to get married. A pretty pond with blooming flowers and a very nice tent set up for when it briefly rained(outdoor Colorado wedding...who knew!). It was a very nice wedding and we got to see so many people. What a night! Shannon, Tim's sister, wound up driving our drunk butts home and we had to walk a few miles to the car in the morning. We were not prepared to walk, hung over mind you, two miles in flip flops in the heat. Whew! Sunday we lounged around with the kids and cousins at Mark and Deb's. Matt and Luke ran around and played baseball with the kids in the back yard. It was really an awesome sight to see your husband and his brother with all of their kids playing in the grass and laughing/enjoying every minute of it. Just like family should be. Great memories.