Friday, August 13, 2010

...part deux

After we left Mark and Deb's, Luke, I and the kids stopped over to meet Kenley Kilcrease, the newest addition to Emily and Charles' family. She's absolutly adorable and I couldn't even hold her! I was recovering from the cough and didn't want to get her sick. We all got to go out to Red Robin for lunch and Jim and Sherry met us there. It was great to see the beaming grandparents, not that they noticed us, with their beautiful grand kids there and all.....but really good to get to spend the short time we could with all of them. Then up to mom's for dinner and time to relax. Luke grilled out for us and we got to hang out and go to bed at a reasonable time. Luke and Emmett went back down to Denver to meet Amy, Mark, Deb, Bobby and his long time friend Greg Watts with his little boy, Cooper, at the Piper. Mark had to go in for a few tests prior to his transplant on Thursday so they were going to be up and why not make a stop at the Piper for some hot wings. The following day, Luke and I left the kids with mom and went down for dinner with Mark and Deb and Donna the night before the big day, Mark's surgery! We spent the last part of the night at Eric and Ivy's. It was nice getting to spend a few hours chatting and then off to bed. The morning came too early when we had to leave at 4am to get the boys to the airport for the annual golf tourney at the lake. Back up to mom's...which they were all just waking up when I got there! We ran errands all day like usual...gotta get my Whole Food's fix!